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      Hey! I'm a new member, but i have been working at lucid dreaming on and off for about a year now. I think i took a break for a couple months some time ago, but i recently watched the movie "Waking Life" which inspired me to give it full attention again. For those of you who haven't seen the movie, i strongly suggest it if you're looking for some food for thought when it comes to dreaming. ANYWAYS- I downloaded an audio track of a very ambient song with a voice repeating phrases such as "Next time i'm in a dream i will realise i'm dreaming" and "Am i dreaming now? Do a reality check! Pinch your nose!"
      After listening to this while going to sleep last night i had My very first lucid dream. I couldn't have been happier. In my dream i had a random urge to do a reality check (Pinching my nose in particular) and so i did, and quickly found out i was dreaming. Next thing i know i was flying around above my house carelessly and with most relative ease. although i became quickly reabsorbed back out of lucidity.
      Just a message to all of those who are frustrated by the fruitlessness of their Lucid dreaming efforts: Don't give up!

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      Listen to This Will Destroy You

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      good job
      check list
      [ ] talk with subconscious mind


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