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      Visit from someone else's ancestors?

      I don't know the difference between lucid and non-lucid dreams being as I tend to remember the vast majority of my dreams, but this one was particularly strong and has brought me here.

      The background: I'm a single woman in my late 20's with no children. I met a man 3 months ago who was just like... WOW. By the end of our 2nd date I was head-over-heels in love. I truly believed he was the One. But after a month of dating, he started canceling dates, not calling when he said he would, etc. Eventually I confronted him and said, "I don't like being strung along. If you think something's just not there and you don't want to date anymore, just tell me." So that's exactly what he said. Then he insisted that he really wanted to remain friends. He still sends random texts from time to time.

      It's been over a month since we "broke up" and I am still terribly, miserably heart broken over him. My friends don't understand why I can't "just get over him". Last Saturday night I was particularly depressed and decided for my own well being, I better cut him off and tell him I don't want to be friends. So I composed the text message, but was too chicken to send it, so I saved it to Drafts.

      Since dating this guy, I had been begging my dreams to offer incite, but they never did until that night. In the dream I, and his family, were living in a big house. My room was far from everyone else's. My friends came to visit and told me the family gave me this undesirable room because there was a ghost living in the closet. They said if I bought the ghost some new clothes, she might be nice to me and not scare me as often. So I did, and it turns out it was the ghost of a 5 year-old girl. We quickly became friends. She told me her dream was to attend kindergarten because she had died before she was able to go, so I said I would take her. I remember every detail of the kindergarten: sneaking her in, filling out registration forms, watching her sing, dance, color, etc. At the end of the school day I was trying to take her back to my closet where she "lived" when her parents (also ghosts) appeared. They were happy and grateful for making their daughter's dream come true. Then they said, "You know who we are, don't you?" and I said no. They replied, "We're (the-guy-you-like)'s ancestors. But he doesn't know us; we died before he was born." Then they showered me with jewels (like rubies/emeralds) and I woke up.

      The next night that same little girl appeared again. This time I was walking through a neighborhood in Japan (note: one main thing the guy and I have in common is that we both lived in Japan for 2 years). The little girl came running to me, and this time she wasn't a ghost, but the daughter of a very poor family. She begged me to play with her, and while I did, her parents begged me to teach her English so she could have a future. I like the girl very much so I agreed, and the family tried to give me antique furniture (??) as compensation. The girl had a little brother who also played a small role in the previous night's dream. He resembles the guy I like, and he doesn't speak to me, but he is always trying to mislead me and his sister. In fact he mislead us all the way from Japan to Boston and somehow got me to go on a gay cruise. His parents scolded him at the end of the dream for being deceitful.

      In short, I really do like this guy, but at the same time I would like to move on for my own sanity, but this dream has made me wonder if there is some higher connection. I have had a handful (not many) future-telling dreams in my life. I dreamed my old boyfriend was cheating on me; 2 days later I found out he was. Another time I dreamed my cat almost started a house fire; 12 hours later she almost did. I also dreamed of my grandpa visiting me shortly after he died, and he told me he came to me because I was the only one in the family who was "able to fully receive the message". But then again, I've had other dreams that amounted to nothing. I guess I'm wondering if his ancestors really spoke to me, or if it's some kind of wish fulfillment on my part.

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      You had two cool dreams. That's it.


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