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      Gained Stability and Control

      This is the first lucid where I've been able to gain complete control and vividness as well as lucidity and stability.
      I believe I am closer to being able to completely control every aspect of my lucid dreams.

      My dad and I were talking, He said to me "lets go to the zoo" I said but it's in the middle of the night, but he argued that it was open late, I looked at the clock and it was 1 am, but my dad convinced me that it was 11, I looked at another clock and it was 8, then the clock i looked at first said 11.
      this alone should have made me RC, but didn't.

      So I went to my room to get ready, it was dark so I went to turned on the light switch but it didn't work
      I remember myself saying in my head "maybe its a dream" but not taking it seriously.
      But I was looking for something in my room, so I went into the hall and went to turn on that light and it to failed.
      I'M IN A DREAM!
      excitement, celebration and surprise hit me, I started to float about uncontrollably but I quickly remembered my goals and dropped to the floor.
      this had worked for me before, and was about to work again, face down on the floor I concentrated on the feeling around my dream body.

      I stood up and said clarity a few times, things where still unstable, I shouted it, things still not clear, getting flashes of blackness.
      In fear of loosing the dream I screamed CLARITY!!! and spun around a bit, this did something that's never happened to me before, I could hear voices, everything went black, then built itself back up only in amazing clarity and stability of that i have only experienced in WILD's and false awakenings.

      I walked about, I could hear my footsteps, feel my feet on the carpet.
      The room was bright now, but it was still dark out side, I shouted "let there be light" and looked out my window, it was a sunny day.
      I decided to fly.
      I flew straight through the window with ease, I had complete control over my flight.

      Putting my arm out like superman I flew high into the sky, so high I could see the curve of the earth, the moon, the stars and far away galaxy's.
      I promised myself I would go their one day, but not today.
      I returned to earth and went back to my room, things weren't as clear anymore and I started to get blinks of blackness again, before I could shout clarity I was back in my real bed.
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