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      Weird WILD type of experience!

      I've just had this experience tonight whilst having a late night nap. It wasn't my intention to try a Wild or anything like that, but just felt sleepy and thought I'd set my alarm clock to go off after an hour laying on my bed.

      I am totally relaxed after a few minutes and if anything I'm more interested if it would be possible to have any sort of dream given the fact that I would only be in bed for an hour and that true Rem-derived sleep wouldn't happen until after 90 mins or so.

      Ok, so I must have been drifting in and out of consciousness on and off until indeed my alarm went off, but no dreams, no recollection of anything really, so I just turned the alarm off and went back to resting on my bed with an empty mind.

      After about another 20 minutes of resting I then noticed what I would guess is the onset of a WILD ( this is a failed version though, sorry ), which was first felt through a heavy numbness throughout my body and maybe a fine tingling, certainly no vibrations or SP. What really caught my attention though was that although I'm fully relaxed and conscious at the same time I can feel my subconscious doing all the tests that I've read about on this site, namely, I felt all my major muscle groups contracting and relaxing again time after time, maybe 3 or 4 times for each group ( though strangely not my legs or lower arms). I was able to almost track in what order things were happening in, which is kind of cool, but not sure if this will be the same for every time. For example, my abdominal muscles contracted from left to right in a rythmic pattern almost like waves passing over them followed by my biceps etc.

      Next came the falling through the bed feeling, it felt not too far actually and maybe only a few inches which is something I've never felt before though and so I'm not sure if this is measurable as a good distance or not hehe!
      But the real mind-bender for me was what happenend next in which I felt a huge force on the inside of my mouth and it literally really did feel like this example I'm going to give you. Imagine if you will... a large spinning finger probing and pushing hard against my upper gums and the roof of my mouth and that'll be what it felt like honestly! really weird but quite exciting at the same time and this went on for about 2 minutes until the sensation got to the back of my throat and then gently subsided.

      By now the whole experience is virtually over but I was still a bit confused to where I was in the world. I mean, was I in a dream state or waking state? I did indeed see some Hypnagogic Images but these were quite fleeting and it was only at the end of the spinning-finger part that I noticed from behind my eyes what could be described as a woodland, glassland scene, it was a bit vague and blurry but it did look at least to me like I could see grass, ferns etc.

      It might be that I missed my chance to become lucid as I didn't really have the guts to try and pull the scene towards me or integrate in any way. I was still kinda worried that I if I did something now that I might do it too early and then lose the dream.Also, being my first time within a WILD state I had no idea if there was more to come ie: there might be more body tests to come etc and I was not yet aware of being in two separate states in the way that you're aware in a LD of being in a dream but also back in bed.

      Anyways, it was a fun thing to have experiences and it comes second only in the Wow! factor after my first Lucid a few months ago.

      What gives me hope in the future though in regards to WILDing is that at least for me I now know what to expect and I won't have to worry about waking up at silly times in the morning just to practise
      Who knows, maybe other people here can experiment with an hours sleep in the evening and see if they can replicate what I have managed, even though this was unsuccessful this time. I believe nothing in this realm is set in stone so it's worth trying anything that could help out fellow LDer's.

      Sorry for the long post too thanks for reading.

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      awesome, u got ferther then me, i perfer deilds.


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