Sunday Afternoon I took a ride on my bike outside for about 2 and half hours. When I came home I went to my bedroom and slept for about two hours. I turned off all cell phones and regular phones. I also turned off my alarm clock. I knew I was only able to sleep for about two hours bucause my wife was coming home from her workout and she would wake me up.

I reached LD and found myself in my room but a much darker tint. I made my way to bathroom where I found my wife nude and I begin to have sexual intercourse with her. She was slightly different though. Her body was the same but her breasts were smaller. I was actually able to penitrate but still unble to reach orgasm. Scene changed and I was outside my house. I was wanting to see if I was able to fly in my LD. Even though I tried very hard and I knew I was dreaming but I was still unable to fly. (Maybe with more practice) Also I am still unable to leave my house and surrounding areas while I am in LD.

Any suggestions anyone?