i say induced cuz im pretty sure ive had 1 b4 but none that i tried 4

it was kinda intense so here it is:
i tried(same as the nite b4) to tie up my legs and hands(which is hard to do so i did the best i could) with some blankets and then laid down after setting my alarm 4 5:45 (currently it was 4:30) then tried to stay still as to induce a WiLD well i thought it would be easier now b/c i had the lights on so my mind could stay conscious while i tired to get my body to fall asleep after i while i relaxed and had sorta daydream like states but was not yet fully in a dream then the phone rang(intercom i knew it was my mom who just came home) then weirdly it rang again but this time it was an actual call, i still ignored it then my mom came and knocked(thnk god i locked my door) and i untied myself and told what i wanted for dinner at this point i knew that plan had failed but i tried again but without the restraints i just turned and faced my wall this time and tried to relax and did and i was rly still and soon could not move my limbs so now in an SP state i just closed my eyes slowly and tried to form a dream around me
i was sorta in a dream at this point i felt like my legs were tied up again b/c they were together and since my hands weren't moving i soon felt vibrations under me as if i was in the back of a truck (tied up i guess) and tried to rly form the truck i slightly imagined the wood floor on the inside i tried this for a while then sorta of woke up(visually) i could see my hand just lying on the throw pillow i keep on my bed(usually for my back) but i still couldnt move( i took that as a good sign) so i tried to form a dream around me again and this time i tried to imagine i was swimming so i tried to imagine blue around me and watery feel on my feet and tried to imagine my hands moving but in my mind like i was swimming so that kinda worked and i kinda felt like i was swimming then soon i was rapidly movin my arms yet unfortuantley soon had it feel less like water and slowly more like my sheets and then my alarm went off but i was still half in dream still flickering between the water and my bed and then a minute or so late i sorta woke up and sorta jumped up and gasped as if i just dove out of the water
after that i wasnt dreaming but around me it still felt weird so i was walkin around and goin back on my bed thinkin i might be still dream for a second i even thought i might still be tied up(nope) for the next ten minutes i wandered around my room tryin to do dream stuff, i held my nose, i could breathe,tried to walk through my closet didnt work i still felt weird and intense tried to jump unrealisticly, it was normal so i guess my mind was not used to that type of thing so either i was on an adrenaline rush or my mind was just tryin to get back to reality or couldnt take the dream so now its an hr later and i still have a headache, hopefully the more i do it the more my brain wil be able to take the more real the dream will be and the less my head will hurt, now if u exuse me im gonna go take an advil