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      In my first lucid dream, I was a murderer

      I just read a dream tutorial by Billybo (I think...), which was awesome. I will start with my experience, briefly:

      Last night I was dreaming. I had one dream which frustrated the heck out of me (it required me reaching into the toilet to retrieve several pieces of precious makeup cargo ), then I was in another dream where I was standing in a college building with other blurry faces. I suddenly realized I was dreaming!!

      The excitement literally shook the world, and I even saw a golden flash of light, but I reminded myself to stay calm and stay in control. After that though, the dream became a lot less vivid, especially as I was trying to force things around me.

      I'm only 19 (about to be 20), my sister turns 21 this month, so becoming 21 is a huge step for me and I'm pretty excited since it's the last milestone into "pure adulthood" (I get brownie points for being ALIVE! ). I wasn't really controlling where I was going, but I ended up in a little shop and was attempting to buy - you guessed it - alcohol, for a college party.

      I also really wanted some candy, and was trying to force the candy to be there, available for me to take, but that wasn't happening. Several times in the dream I closed my eyes and told myself, "There will be a reeses in front of me!"

      This method did work a few times - once when I handed my ID to the cashier, who accepted my age as 21, but was highly suspicious, once when I forced money into my pocket to pay for booze and goodies, and once when I wanted a guy to notice me and who stared at me open-jawed.

      Shortly after purchasing candy I only had 1 dollar on me and couldn't force anymore money into my pocket, but it was then that the cashiers suspicion became a little creepy. She wasn't suspicious of my age, she thought I had killed someone over the weekend and was trying to inquisition me .

      I pretty much high tailed out of there after that.

      After reading the LD tutorial by Billybo, I think from now on I will use his passive method rather than the forced one. Forced control really does take the magic out of it and I really do want to go with the flow.

      I don't really understand how to do RCs. My method of falling asleep has always been to put myself in a dreamy state by imagining fun, happy and good things and to fall asleep in those 'daydreams'. The last dream I had where a lightswitch didn't work I think I was 9 or 10, and I have been keeping a journal to keep track of my dreams, but I can't find any similarities that would point to RCs.

      Oh well, I just wanted to share this and ask about everyone else's weird LDs.

      edit: OOHH I forgot to mention, when I first realized I was lucid in my dream, the first thing I did was I jumped up and flew, hovered in the air a bit and then landed!

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      hey nice dream

      you don't understand how to RC ?
      ok there are many RC ways
      my most used is the ''nose pinch'' all you do is pinch your nose when your awake you cant breath but in a dream you can so you understand its a dream

      other one is to push your finger trought your hand works in a dream

      well these are the most simple ones but you will find more in tutorials
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      sometimes dreams are so good that it hurts to wake up... .


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