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      The wierdest thing!

      the other day i fell asleep in my dorm room, well i was trying to fall asleep and it felt like i fell asleep for a little but woke up, i looked around and no one was around and everything was normal, then there were like these birds coming out of the cabinets they were chirping and flying around i was like wth, and i touched one that was flying it felt extremely real, i knew i was dreaming but i couldn't wake up, i tried to get up and it felt like there was someone or some force heavy on my back, i managed to move around but it was so tough i grabbed my phone that was at the head of the bed and read a new text message, idk why i ignored what was happening for a text but it happened, the pressure on my back got heavier and i was screaming for help or who ever it was to get off me and they didn't get off. when i finally woke up every abnormal feeling and the birds were gone, except the text message was real and what i read in my dream was really in the text message. A few months back i had a dream in black and white i never had one in my life like that all my dreams were in color, it was a short dream who knows how short but all i remember i was running and i fell on concrete and the concrete felt toooooo reallllllllll like if i left my body or something and i kept touching it and i fell thru and woke up. Stupid dreams i know but they were the ones that took my experience to another level.

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      Sounds like a false awakening.

      The text message was probably because the phone made a sound in real life. This happens to me too, but not lately.


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