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      First stable and semi-lengthy LD!

      It finally happened for me!

      From my DJ:

      I was in a classroom with a bunch of other kids. There were three girls walking around with posters for stuff that they were protesting or something. I was talking to random people in the classroom and carrying on as usual. Anyways, this isn't the good stuff .
      There was a fishtank, with very unusual fish at the front of the room near the teacher's desk. It had fish with Hammerhead like heads, Goldfish, all sorts of cool stuff. A little girl was standing next to me, watching the fish, and her brother (Chris) was standing on the other side of me. I looked over at the little girl, and she reached RIGHT through the glass and grabbed one of the fishe's tails. This is when I realised things were a little fishy (Rofl sorry). I tried to get her to stop, as this was obviously not cool to the fish. Then I realised what was going on...
      I turned to Chris and asked, "How the %&@# did she do that?". He shrugged. I paused and thought for a moment before realising, "Oh! It's a dream!". I took a second to soak it all in before I took my fist way back, and then punched right through the glass! No breaking or anything! I turned around and saw everyone in their chairs as they would in a normal classroom setting. I walked over to a desk and sat down. I touched the desk, running my hands over every inch of it, really taking it all in, and gettng myself fully into the dream. Then I reached over and drummed on my desk, and then the teacher's desk, noticing how the two sounded different, and appropriate for how they would sound in real life. By this time everything was very clear, and I was pretty lucid, and so I wanted to expiriment around with my first fully lucid and stable dream. I decided to get up and dance around in front of everyone to see what their reactions would be, but then I realised that if this really wasn't a dream, I didn't want to look like a total douche in front of everyone, so I decided to do a quick reality check before going fully at it. There happened to be a big square analog clock sitting in the corner of the room, and so I looked over at it. The time was 10:10, but somebody in the room said, "It's 12:39 O'clock". I thought this was weird, but I continued on with my reality check. When I looked back at the clock, the time had changed to 12:00 noon! I was amazed, and fully sure that I was dreaming at this point, but wanted to do it just one more time to see what would happen. I looked away, and then back again... and it wasn't even an analog clock anymore... it was digital. I got up in sheer joy, ran over and sat in a comfy blue chair and felt it thouroughly to get the clarity and control up. I got back up and asked a DC if this was a dream, to which he replied, "Hell yeah it is! You didn't know they could do that with those?". I got super excited and gave everyone around high fives and fist pumps or whatever, and then I don't remember anything after this, except rubbing my hands for more clarity, and then waking up. I was lucid a total of maybe a few minutes, but damn was it cool!
      I also remember closing my eyes and putting my hand in front of my face, and then opening them to see what would happen. I thought that I would be awake when I opened them for some reason, but no, I was still in the dream.

      Thanks so much to Dreamviews for all the help. And to all the people yet to LD, it's TOTALLY worth the wait, hard work and determination, so keep it up!
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