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      Amazing First Lucid experience (incredible 30 seconds)

      Ok last night I just had my first lucid dream.

      Basically I have had, what I thought were lucid dreams before, but I realised last night that they weren't.

      I've had dreams in the past where you realise in a dream that you are dreaming.

      I'll try to explain what I thought were lucid dreams I used to have:

      The "fabric" of the reality of these dreams remains "soft" like any other dream. But you can walk around the streets, look at your hand and everything seems normal, but "soft" so it is like the "blurryness" of a normal dream. I remember thinking "hey it's a dream do all the tests":

      So the looking at your hand test:

      Looked normal but with that classic dream slightly less fps than real life look. Around 22-25 fps.

      Looking at your face in the mirror: Looked normal

      Finger to nose test: Looked normal

      Light switch test: Normal

      In these dreams I knes I was dreaming but couldn't really materialise anything, or do anything special. I knew I was dreaming but couldn't fly or teleport myself for example.

      Anyway onto last night.

      Last night I went to bed at 02:00 and set the alarm for 08:00 to go to work. I fell asleep and remember dreaming normally. It was a nightmare.

      In the dream I was living a notably famous script of a horror movie. Stanley Kubrick's film 901 (which doesn't exist in real life). The details unfortunately are faded, I remember it very patchily. Anyhow, at one point:


      I am in the non-lucid dream and remember driving a car. I feel like like I am about to wake up for real. So I remembered the technique for staying in the dream: spinning.

      The problem is that I am sitting in the drivers seat of a car, so there is no way to spin around. My arms keep hitting the seat. I vaguely remember thinking what if I throw myself out, I'll roll on the ground and that will be like spinnning. As I'm thinking this I notice that the cars's dissapearing and I can suddenly think of spinning.

      I start spinning, and notice that it is not enough, I am still getting closer to waking up (this has happened before in RL). So I really focus on the spinning, really focus on trying to spin real hard.

      Then suddenly, a feeling like you are sitting in an office chair with wheels and someone kicks the chair on the side. I felt a lateral acceleration, a mild lateral snapping (left to right).

      I am now in the dream I open my eyes and it was the weirdest thing:

      It felt immediately real, like a real complete environment. Not "soft" like a dream but a "hard" environment.

      I am reclining in a bed lying on my side, in a room that exists in RL. What is weird is the fabric of reality:

      1. It is a much reduced fps (about 15-20)
      2. The "resolution" as it were is reduced too, not pixellated like in a video game, but "less fine" than real life if that makes sense? I would not call it cartoony, just weird and less fine than RL.
      3. There is a very strange "strobing light" reality to the environment. This one is difficult to explain but I will try. Like in a nightclub where you have a white strobing (flashing) light, not the one that flashes very intermittently like 5fps but a higher fps, like 15-20 where you can see your environment quite well.

      It's hard to explain but think of a cellphone's CPU. The processing power is very low. If you tried to run a 3d game on it it wouldn't work. If you could somehow scale the game down (i.e. reduce resolution immensely, change the colour to 4 bit-black and red, reduce fps) hypothetically you could code it.

      That is what the dream felt like, it was like my brain's processing unit was trying to emulate real life (in it's "hard" entirety), not a "soft", image or picture based normal dream environment, but trying to simulate a real 3d world.

      What it ended up with was a lower fps (15-20) lower resolution, strobe lit version. The strobelight was also not white but red. So it was like my brain was creating this strobelit red reality.

      I looked at my hand, still lying down. It was like a mix between my hand and a child's hand, like pale skin with a rosy tint. When I moved my fingers they appeared in a juddering fashion because of the low fps.

      The first thought I had was, like everyone says I shouldn't:

      "I'm alive! I'm alive! I managed it"

      I got too excited, it started fading.

      So I thought, quick spin around! But how could I? I was reclining on a bed. I would need to have stood up. But I knew the dream was so weak that standing up off the bed would have woken me. So I was stuck, I needed to spin but couldn't stand up.

      I tried the hands together thumb spinning trick. It wasn't enough.

      I found myself instantly looking at my dark RL room.

      But what an experience, the world felt very real. Obviously it wasn't this reality because of the red tint and low fps, but it felt like an "actual" other one.

      Can someone tell me if any of this makes any sense?

      What would it have been like if it was longer lasting?

      -What would I have looked like in a mirror?
      -Can you materialise anything in this low fps red strobe-lit world? How?
      -Can you teleport? How?
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      Sorry, I didn't read through the whole thing, but I read most of it. I can answer a few of your questions.

      Yes, it makes a bit of sense. A few of my non-vivid dreams turned lucid have been of low quality. As if I were looking through sunglasses, and other times, like there was a heavy fog. Shouting "Clarity Now" might help.

      Shouting "More Focus" and getting less excited would have helped. Excitement can kick you out of LDs. Something any firsttimer should beware.

      Looking in mirrors can make you see yourself, a different person, or a distorted version of yourself. Its odd.

      Summoning can be different for each person. My best way is holding my hands out, and moving them in a way that is like molding the object in clay. There are plenty of threads in Dream Control.

      For me, the best way to teleport is to look somewhere, and swiftly teleport there. Of course, if you want to go long distances, I usually spin, or close my eyes and just reappear there. Of course, this is different for everyone as well.


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