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      Exclamation WILD sensations within a Lucid Dream.

      I had my first experiences of a WILD (99 percent there) the other night for the first time and it got me thinking about my very first LD that I had a few months ago.I've been on and off with the intensity of my LD training recently so haven't had that many hardcore experiences either with Wild's or Ld's in general, but I'll describe the feelings/sensations that were exactly the same in both cases.

      In my first LD which I generally think of as a DILD or DEILD but might be something else altogether after thinking about it, started out as a normal dream as follows.

      Basically I was being chased by police and I'm on foot running as fast as I can through old back alleys and warehouse type of buildings. I stop after a while and try to catch my breath and look frantically around for a way out, but only see an old refinery in the near-distance.It was at this point that I felt a huge force upon my face a bit like a hurricane wind and as I turn my face away from the wind pressure I then find myself falling through the air at great speed.This was when I became aware and was lucid for my first time.

      Now when I compare this to my WILD sensations the other night, one main thing is exactly the same, and that is the facial pressure especially around the mouth.The intensity and the force is the same for my WILD & dream, how is this possible?

      Now I've heard about people having pressure on the chest during a WILD but it would seem in my case it's on my face and mouth in particular, but it got me thinking about other LDer's problems that they refer to, namely exiting a LD and ending up in SP unable to move. In my normal dream which turned into an LD I didn't even exit my dream and I definitely wasn't aware of SP and yet I did have the WILD sensations!

      My only conclusion that I can come up with and I might be wrong on this of course, but I'm wondering if at the moment of being scared in my dream my mind wanted to shut the dream down but didn't manage it and instead of bringing me out into SP like some other people have mentioned, it took me further down the line into a near completed WILD.Again, I have to say at no point did the dream end or pause, it was completely fluid in all aspects.

      Any thoughts?
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