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      Lucid dream that i couldn't recall?

      Last night i went to sleep around 11:00 or something, and attempted a WILD. But i lost consciousness and my alarm clock awoke me at 12:00 acidently. After that i tried to reattemp the WILD but gave up and went to sleep.

      This morning wheni woke up i rememberd something from the dream. I was flying around in the bedroom!! Like literally flying, and i kind of felt the emotion when i woke up of being really excited.

      Thats probally the most vivid thing about the dream, that emotion..that feeling.. I was excited as hell, i also even remember trying to levitate prone 2 inches from the ground. Thats about all i can remember.

      I had to be lucid right? I had to be lucid in order to fly. But i don't remember performing any RC's or if i was lucid i dont know how i became lucid.

      My recall sucks, it might be the alcohol and weed. But i don't smoke weed when im close to going to bed though.

      I might just need to keep a dream journal maybe that will help.

      Also, i have regular "Choline" pills from a vitamin store. But i read they weren't effective. I recently just started taking them like 2 or 3 days ago, and on the bottle of the pills, it says "absortion and transport of fat?" thought choline was supposed to be for attentativeness, memory and alertness.
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      It's really common to attempt a WILD and think that it was a failed attempt because you "wake" up and find yourself in your bedroom. In reality, you probably had a false awakening (meaning you thought you woke up in real life, but you only woke up in the dream).

      You may or may not have been lucid, but if you don't remember performing a RC then there's a good chance you didn't become lucid. Then again, you said that you have bad recall, which could lead me to believe that you did a RC but you don't remember. Without being able to trust your recall, it's difficult to remember if you were lucid or not.

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      It may have been a lucid, but you don't need to be lucid to do anything in your dreams. So, it's hard to say. Sounds like fun, though. And I love when you wake up from a dream feeling those emotions

      If you're having trouble laying off the pot/booze, maybe try limiting that to 3 days of the week, and keep four days clean to focus on your dreaming.


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