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      First Timer!!!

      This was my first experience ever having a LD, not exactly cause now when I look back at it I vaguely remember similar dreams but nothing like this! and the crazy thing is I never knew about lucid dreaming, this site, or anything to do with this before today. I had the dream and the experience was so out of this world and profound to me I began researching the minute I woke up and thus have been led to this site, and I would like to hear what you guys think about it because a lot of things that happened are things I've read about on this site, but hadn't before the dream!

      Alright so here it goes.... I was having many dreams throughout the night and for some reason lately I wake up quit a few times throughout the night, but fall back asleep quickly and am right onto the next dream. So I have one dream I remember pretty well where I was in my bed with my X X girlfriend and we did what you do in your bedroom. This was NOT a LD but right after that one I have another dream and this is where my journey began....

      I don't know what happened at first but I remember running down the street of my friends neighborhood. I'm running down the street and BOOM I realize I am conscious! No reality checks needed (Didn't even know what those where at the time) I just realized I am in control and that it isn't reality because I was zooming around the streets and didn't feel tired or like I was running even. I felt like I was just zooming around, but when I really got excited is when I jumped in the air while running and glided much further then normally possible. So I start running around the neighborhood as fast as I can jumping in the air and out stretching my hands straining as hard as I could to fly. Another strange thing is it was very windy and I distinctly remember if I ran with the wind it was easier to fly. I never attained real flight like into the sky flight though, it was kinda like learning to ride a bicycle I knew I could do it if I just kept at it. As I'm running around the streets attempting to learn to fly I see something in the middle of the road and I see a Red truck coming down the street extremely fast. I wanted to know if I really did have total control over this dream so I ran in front of the truck grabbed whatever it was (I think something living) and held my breath scared I was about to be road kill, but as I hoped I survived! I somehow slid out of the way super fast and was standing there unharmed. I don't know if I've ever felt more ecstatic. This is when I truly knew I was in a dream and I controlled this world and nothing bad could happen to me. So I start running down the street again and want to find my x x girlfriend to repeat the joys of the previous dream as I'm running down the street I realize, Hey this is my world, I can just walk into any house and it will become her house! but its funny because I was still afraid to just walk into a random persons house just incase and plus I wanted to practice flying some more! so I run down the street trying to fly but the wind was against me at this point making it very very difficult to get off the ground, so I decide to jump onto a house. I am on the roof and I figure I'll run, jump off the roof, and fly to her house. I get a good running start(feeling just as scared of jumping off a roof in reality though!) and jump off the roof hold out my hands fists clenched trying with all my might to fly. Well as I leave the roof i fall/glide a few feet and my stomach twists in absolute fear so I close my eyes and I think I floated a little cause it took longer to hit the ground then expected but in the end my attempt to fly failed and I hit the ground and woke up the second I did.

      This was a very short dream, it felt as thought it was about 10-15 minutes total, and throughout the entire dream I felt like a blackness around me like I was about to be sucked out of it and I was fighting that the whole time because I just didn't want it to end! I did a good job at it too because whenever the "blackness" started surrounding me I just pushed it away with my mind but eventually I fell and hit the ground and woke up! I enjoyed it so much I even tried to go back to bed once i awake but to no avail!

      Sorry so long, just pretty excited about this amazing experience I never knew possible! Hoping for another tonight!

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      Congrats on your first LD and Welcome to Dreamviews There are a lot of different techniques to try and induce an LD. The famous ones are DILDs and WILDing. Also, VILD is good if you can visualize well. Anyways, for your blackness thing, just rub your hands and focus on that feeling or spin around to get rid of it. Spinning around could cause you to change the scene as well, so, be aware of that. Otherwise, enjoy and feel free to ask any questions
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