i havnt been on in a whie so im just posting a few of the lucids ive had last.
srry its so long ive been out of state working. ive devided the dreams into sections and dated them. does anyone have any hints to help me control my setting a little more.i have complete contol over my body just not the surroundings and i cant fly to save my life. any help would be appreciated.

It started with me running from this thing who tongue was chasing me to get my laptop and i eventually got away.and as soon as i got away i said to the people i was with; (a pretty girl with brown hair)"hey" ya know this is a dream realizing it was a dream in saying that i took off across the yard and jumped off of this embankment in the yard trying to fly but again failed. i ran for about ten more fet before i asked the brown haired girl why i couldnt fly.(realizing i was completing one of my goals to interact with a DC) she told me it a exited tone you cant because you cant fly whoooo! i said no, i repeated the question and told her to give me a concrete answer and she said "you cant fly because you have shattered little wings" she said that in such an eerie tone.so i asked "why do i have shattered little wings"? and she replied "because your a fallen angel" and right then the guy who had ben standing there the whole time started poking me really hard with some sort of long branch off of a thorny bussh and i lost control of my body.he kept laughing and i think the girl did to. i finally stopped it with my mind. then i got up off my butt and all the sudden they werent bad anymore i looked real hard at him to make him mean. (i was controlling them) his had a mischevious expression on his face. so i said slap him!! and he slapped this other guy who just kinda showed up all the sudden. i laughed.then i got a BJ from the girl. and i woke up half way through lol. but the wings thing was REALLY creepy.

oh btw, when the girl told me about me being a fallen angel i recalled a false memory of my dad telling me that he sensed a good and an evil about me. lol i wish i could explain it more vividly. there is something almost depressing about this dream even though it was my best yet. i knocked out 3 personal goals.

-interact with DC
-ask why i cant fly
-and control things

i became lucid after being confronted by an evil clown.after becoming lucid i was very confident and i was talking a little crap.then i remember i was constantly looking at my hands and "zooming in" on them to stabalize my dream.i also remember doin a math problem 2+2=4 just to gain a little more conciousness in the dream.i managed to fly a little for only one second,but i came right back down and i only went up about 20 ft. then fell down but it didnt hurt. i lost lucidity after i was experimented on in a weird way to try and get me to fly.there were like three peolpe and they were cutting me in weird places to try and get me in the air.they were trying to cut my skin on my sides to try and expose my ribs idk what this has to do with flying but it was really unpleasant so i told them to leave me alone and i would fly on my own.(i wasnt lucid at this point)I busted out a window with a metal tool of some sort.it took allot of swings. then i awoke.

low recall-all i remember was i was standing in front of a book shelf and became lucid i once again tried to fly and failed.i remember hanging off an edge and holding something then i was punching people in the face. there was a low level of consciousness though i was still aware that i was lying in my bed. i was trying to find or create someone to bone.

this one was kinda a wild...i was consciously falling into a dream which i havnt done yet.I was able to do so because of the frequent waking in the middle of the night.i kinda fell into a dream i was having prior to wilding i was walkin down staircase then i was in a small basement that was also like a underwear section in a store. and it was previously flooded so it was a little damp.(in the last dream the room was flooded about 3 or 4 feet deep and i was catching fish in the water with a paint scraper. some guy would shoot a white tanquilizer in the water and it would like stupify the fish,making them easier to catch.)so in the lucid dream i walked down one of the aisles and knew that jacob (my 5 y/o cousin) would be standing there when i got around the corner.i saw him and got on one knee a told him to give me a hug.he hugged me then i made him walk away(without telling him)thats all i remember of the lucid dream i think i lost it shortly after that.