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      Dream in Warehouse.

      I have had this dream around 4 times that i can remember vividly.
      1st time i walked out side of my house into my back yard to see a Shack like Warehouse, I walked in knowing it was mine.
      I walked in and saw that there were items of memeies i have had.
      And a few people sorting it all.
      They looked at me as i was their boss.
      And I thought the place was quite nice,
      yet i left knowing i wasn't ready for what i feel will come.
      I then awoke.

      2nd time, the warehouse was quite bigger, with a 2nd floor office, that was mine.
      Same things as 1st dream, but more people sifting though things.
      And now there was file cabinets. And boxes of pictures.

      3rd time the warehouse was brick and much larger.
      This time half full, but the same amount as the 2nd dream.
      It was all the same, but more people there again, waiting at a vortex/portal.
      As if they were awaiting mail or something.

      The 4th time, and most recent was.
      Warehouse was much larger.
      Full of stuff ranging from Boxes of pictures, items, and tons of old books, and ancient things that i knew were from past lives.
      Then there were tons of archives and file cabinets.
      I sifted through them myself as if to see how my workers were doing on organizing these items.
      They then came up to me, and asked.
      "Are you ready sir?"
      I was confused as to what they meant.
      Only to wake up later to figure out that they were there sorting memories of past lives and my present one, and filling archives with papers and files from the vortex of divine knowledge or should i say knowledge that is not from the material world as if it were memories of my time with the one, and before incarnating again.

      I replied.
      "I havent a clue what your talking about, leave me for now."
      So they said,
      "Yes Master"
      I was baffled, they called me master. Quite odd.
      But i went back to looking at pictures and sifting through items on shelves ranging from old golden & bejeweled ornaments. and old books, and wierd items which i felt were used for religious practices. and other items from childhood. And plenty of other things.

      I then chose to leave, And while in the dream, knowing the whole time. But just curious as to what was going on and how things were progressing.
      And then only after waking and having deep contemplation time.
      Its snapped.
      It was a house of records.
      It wasnt a dream were my fanticies came true, or some wierd place that i would retreat to. But a place i have been given to use for my lifes purpose.
      That which I am not sure. (Yet) Though I have ideas.

      I was woundering, if you guys could see any symbolism.
      As I felt a knew the dream wasnt meant for symbolism, but more of a virtual reality in a sence were i knew i would be spending much time in my future.

      And Love & Light!
      May Love & Light Be With You, So That It Is Also With Me In Spirit!
      ,Liam F. Vasey

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      Like you said, it could be a place of recording/storage.

      I've had a dream sort of similar where I walk around in darkness towards a mansion/hotel. When I entered and walked around I needed some sort of pass (you know those key cards they use for hotels? Like that.) to get into the rooms. One of my best friend was there with me (I consider her as one of my soulmates.) trying to get in. Somehow I got the door to open when she couldn't. Anyway, it didn't click with me until I went into the first room and realized that all of the rooms were interconnected. I went through each room through another room without any keys and every room contained something different. It clicked after the third room that everything I saw in the rooms was from past dreams. The rooms itself didn't always look like rooms but the dreams that I've had before.
      Then I ended up in the basement. The basement was strange because it looked more like a cave. Dark and dank. I could see some plants around though.

      Okay, kinda strayed a little.
      What you said about a house of records reminded me of something I read.
      Have you read Only Love is Real by Dr. Weiss? If you haven't you should try it. In the book a "house/hall of records" was mentioned at least once.

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      Man thats a weird ass sequence of dreams. The part that is really mysterious is that ask you "Are you ready". Like you aren't coming back. Like you'll die in waking life..thats scary.

      What i've read on astral projection is when you die, and you reach the astral plane, you can finish your work you were or something like that.
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