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      First full-length LUCID! :D

      I woke up really early this morning (like 6 am) and tried to do a WBTB-WILD... it failed, but I was still tired, so I went to sleep.

      This dream contains sexual themes and is intended for an older user audience. Viewer discretion is advised.


      I'm walking down the street and I see a couple of my friends walking to a Starbucks that isn't there IRL. Well, it is, but this one had no building around it, it was just an outdoor Starbucks bar-type thing. I ask my friends if they feel like chilling, but friend A (who has terrible work ethic, and 0 motivation to actually GET a job) says he works at Starbucks. "Weird, I didn't know he had a job..." and that thought lingers for a moment, as my other friend says he has other plans, so he walks into his house, which somehow managed to be next door to the Starbucks (which it isn't) I see a group of people from my school, who are kind of my friends, run across the intersection, and they are all running past me, and I stumble. Finally, a thought enters my head

      (Grey zone, between lucid and non lucid) "What? Half of them dont' even live here, it's almost like a dream. That would explain [friend A] worki-"

      HOLY F*#$ING SH#@ [email protected]#^S. OH YEAH. I'm lucid! I calmed myself down, but didn't require much grounding, this was a very familiar scene. I ran really really fast, and caught up with my friends. This time they all stop and look at me, and we all sit down in a park nearby. Suddenly I got really horny and decided that all my DC's should be too. So they all started taking off their clothes and masturbating. I closed and opened my eyes, and all the guys were gone. I told my friends girlfriend to get dressed and leave (for some reason, even though I know that nothing really happens if I do anything to her in my dream, I guess it helped me think more clearly) and started making out with the hottest girl, whom I've actually never seen in my life. We start dry humping, and I decided not to have sex in my dream because I am a virgin and that might destabilize my dream. (I want my first to be with a real girl anyways) I eventually finish, and then we go to sleep beside eachother.

      There is blackness for a second, but I wake up near the sandbox of a nearby school. I decide I want to fly now, and tell the hot girl that I am. I only make really long, leaping dives, but I notice that one of my hands somehow went through the grass. Then I had an idea "what if the world doesn't exist, then I can fly in it!" suddenly, I fell through the ground and thought "shit shit shit, IT EXISTS IT EXISTS" and then it existed again, but was all blurry, so I felt the grass, and tried to make out the individual blades. I decided to roll around, but I couldn't stop after I started, and eventually faded to blackness.

      I see the outside of a house I used to live in.

      I walk the front door of said house, still lucid. There is a creepy guy standing there. Suddenly, 5 or 6 devil-like humanoids (Think - Badass versions Hellboy) charge out of my garage, with massive 5 shot dueling pistols (weird) and start firing at creepy guy. I decide to help the Hellboys, but and levitate creepy guy. He pulls out a cube, and suddenly the Hellboys all get very wary and take a defensive stance. He drops the cube on the ground and mutters a few words, and I can't levitate him anymore! I decide to walk away at this point, knowing it was a dream (fine, I ran away) and just explored my old neighborhood until I came across on out of place picket fence.

      Behind it there was a man on a toilet and a bouncer, and another picket fence, kind of like a roofless outhouse, sandwiched in between a pair detached houses. I figure "Hey, this is a crappy washroom behind a restaurant (it made sense) I wonder what dream food tastes like" I ask the bouncer to let me in but he says no. I ask him again, and will him to say yes (my dream, bitch) and he lets me in. I see a beautiful restaurant with chandeliers and tables and all that jazz, a very sterile, pearly-pink w/ some gold theme going on. I rushed over to the eau-de oeuvres table, but before I can pick up the food, I wake up.

      Pretty cool eh? . I'm really getting into lucid dreaming, do you think I should post my dream journal?
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      Bwahahaha nice dream . Good thing I am not the only one who dreams weird (lucid or non-lucid) .


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