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      LD inside normal dream.

      I had a weird dream last week and i have seen these kinds of dreams very much lately.

      I was in some house and there were paintings on the wall. There were tables and board games on the table. After we had played board games we started to look at the paintings. I could change the pictures with my mind but i didn't realise that i'm dreaming. Then i jumped into the painting and the world changed around me. The world was the same like on the picture. I could fly thru the forest and i could done anyting i wanted. But after a while i found myself in the house with the paintings and boardgames again. I did not realise that i can do anyting in the house. I thought that i need to get back into the painting to have a LDbut i couldn't get back into the painting anymore. Then i started smoking weed because to get back to LD. I was stoned in the dream and i falled asleep. After that i was back in the LD world. I have never taked drugs but i was (high?)/stoned in the dream, funny.

      I have had some similar dreams many times allready. I want full control at any time.

      Please correct my grammar errors.
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