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      Talking It Finally Happened!

      Yes! OMG yes! I finally had one!

      I've been trying to get myself to do this since about August, and I finally had one. Best of all, I was able to control it!

      I was having this horrible nightmare where this crazy woman was holding me in her house, forcing me to eternally be her friend, and if I didn't, she was the type to torture you for not understanding her or leaving her house. I was terrified, and suddenly, I realized it was a dream. I had complete control of myself, which I had never had before! I was super excited about it, but I was so scared, and all I wanted was this torment to end. So I used it to my advantage. I stood up, and for about 2 straight minutes, I was yelling to my subconsious self. "Brandi! It's a dream! Wake up!" That's all I kept yelling. When that wasn't working the greatest (things were kind of disappearing, but I wasn't ending the dream), I said to my dream self "Oh yeah! I remember reading on dream views that you can spin on the spot and your dream could change!"

      So I did.

      My whole dream started sort of melting away and going farther into the distance. I spun and spun, but my dream wasn't completely over yet. So I tried yelling a few more times, and the next thing I knew I was sitting bolt upright in bed, breathing heavily as I realized I was actually awake this time.

      I'm really psyched about being able to do it! I'm so glad I remembered what to do when during a dream, and I can't wait to have another one. Maybe this time, I'll stay dreaming and form it to what I want! Hooray!!!

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      im here for you
      Well Congrats!
      That's one of the best ways to achieve lucidity, in my opinion, as you're getting over your nightmare as well!
      This is techincally a DILD, if you wanted to know. Look up more of that in the tutorials if you're interested in sticking with that path.

      Good luck, and here's hoping for many more!


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