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      Lucid Dreaming + Meditation

      I had a massage (Massage Therapist) and was in the room with my client. She started talking to me when all of a sudden a noise started to go off and she jumped off the table to grab her purse and answered her phone.

      I went to the back of the small room to sit down, I found myself really tired. I sat down on a red exercise ball (that we do not have in the room). When I lifted my head I found my co-worker Patrisha asking me what was going on. This was very bazaar because she was not aloud in the room when a massage was going on. I asked her "What are you talking about? Why are you in here?"

      It was then that I knowticed that I could see all the way to the front desk from inside my room. It took me more than once to realize that this was not correct. Where did the wall with the door go? This is not right! I am dreaming! (As i'm doing the rubbing hands reality check)

      I pace in a small circle to make sure I have control over my dream. I do. I thought about what I wanted to do with this control. What I have been wanting to do the most was my meditation. This is Yogani's Deep Meditation and can be bought on Amazon. I sat down right where I was and repeated the mantra.

      I had my eyes closed for this which I was hesitant at first with, but it did not matter. After the second mantra I started to see flashes of scenery come and go in what was miliseconds. At the same time I started to hear a rapidly growing increase in thoughts (since I was trying to achieve a no-thought-process state of mind, I assumed that these were not mine.) After the third mantra, my body propelled itself onto its knees and elbows and I shot to the end of the room. My first meditation was over.

      I sat down again to retry, this was an incredible experience. On another end of the room (mind you, this is a small room) I sat down and begun to repeat the mantra, the first time was a huge increase in energy, after that I decided to see if the mantra itself had provided the power by providing another one. This was calming but hardly any effect compared to Yogani's. I tried "pushing" the mantra in my mind like I have been doing in my regular meditation practice to see if it had a similar increase in strength that I had found. ( In other words, instead of saying the mantra in my head, i kind of gave it a back thought and "pushed" it into my head with intention." This gave a quite noticeable increase in strength. After the third mantra, I was again propelled onto the floor onto my elbows and knees and shot into the massage table. (Thoughts, scenery, ect were all there once again.)

      Even with closing my eyes for the meditation, I never left the scene, all the people did though. Hum? Granted, I was not concerned with DCs.

      My next task I wanted to complete was to get struck by lightning. I have always wanted to die by a lighting strike (and die from it, because I know its not likely). It took me quite awhile to navigate through my work because it was totally different. My work is a gym with a spa inside of it. After going through several rooms, I finally made it outside, which had a lake and a water fall. (Not in the original blueprints!)

      I stood outside and found this one particular rock to stand on. It had writing on it in what seemed like graffiti. I can't remember what it had said but it was a type of memorial place. None the less, I yelled "Lighting Strike!" And it worked! I was completely struck by lighting! Too cool! There were brilliant white and yellow lights surrounding me when I got struck. The feeling was exhilarating but not harmful. Makes you think, huh? I decided to do it one more time, then I saw a brown wicker basket and decided to make the lightning strike on it. This was not successful and the only thing I was unable to alter conscientiously in this state.

      I struck myself with lighting one more time to see if I still had the capabilities, with success. This time I moved slightly out of the way, the lighting hit my shoulder with what seemed to feel like a waterfall of pressure. Interesting.

      The dream followed with fulfilling sexual desires with a lot of enabled modifications, all were successful. (Including climax, but did not compare to a real life one)

      I looked at my watch at one point ( I never wear a watch). I was fun to see the numbers on it change back and forth in gibberish =)

      Looking back, I can see that my meditation is going to be well worth the effort because the results are real, in accordance to Lucid Dreaming, though much more intense that I could have ever imagined. I must make sure that I pace myself. If I cannot handle that much power in the dream world, there is no chance I can handle it in the waking world. (Not yet, that is)

      I got to experience the way I wanted to die! I have no desire to do this again in lucid dreaming or waking life. This whole dream was very liberating. I will continue to use my lucid skills to the best of my ability to make my life more understandable and complete.

      Next time I would like to try the spinal breathing pranayama before the deep meditation like in my practice, perhaps this will give me more control as Yogani has suggested.

      Take care all and I hope you have enjoyed this and perhaps learned something from my experiences.

      Total Dild: 56 Total Wild: 1 :bravo: Goals while Lucid: [x] Meditation [x] Open the Door of my Perception [x] Struck by lightning [] DG

      Lucid Abilities: Flying, Teleporting, Brightness Alterations, Pyrokenesis, Spidey Web Sling, Sex, Talking

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      Cool dream. I have to say I'd never attempt killing myself though, I'd wimp out
      What you did with the lightning though sounded pretty awesome, that is something I actually might want to try. The sensation it caused sounded fascinating, it's also interesting(and good) that you felt no pain.

      I wish you many more lucids :3


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