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      two lucids in one week! but both with an annoying result

      I cant really say the specifics of these LDs because I had hard time remembering them after I woke up but they both went the same way. They both occurred during afternoon naps and both of them something triggered me to do the nose RC.

      In one of them I actually did it multiple times to make sure, but either way I got lucid, however instead of the dream becoming more vivid after I got lucid I would suddenly feel as if my upper body were pulled to one side and I couldnt stand up straight. At the same time it was like I was over tired or on drugs or something because I was having double vision of everything.

      In the first dream I just got frustrated from trying to correct it and woke up, in the second one I remembered reading dream spinning could make things right and more vivid and such so I tried that. I got in to a whirl fast enough where I couldnt see anything and then slowed down...but to no avail it did not fix my condition at all. I tried to use other lucid abilities that I had done but I could because of how awkward my body was...

      has anyone else had this problem and how did you fix it? If it was only one time I would just brush it off, but it happened twice this week and I havnt had lucids for a while.
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      I had an LD once in which I could hardly move. It felt like I weighed ten times as much as I really do, and everything was blurry, I couldn't see a thing. So I said to myself "This is my dream and I'm in control of my own dreams!" It didn't work, but then I remembered that you really have to believe what you say. I tried again, and it worked. My body felt lighter, and my vision sharpened. I started examining the carpet, and the dream became even more clearer.

      I don't know if this helps much. Make sure to read the tutorials on dream control.


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