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      Break from trying to lucid works!

      Just ended a dry-spell with a pretty good lucid. I've been waking-up in the morning and saying affirmations while going back to sleep for an hour or two and it worked well and I got lucid a lot at first but recently it's not been working. I've not even been having very memorable non-lucid's recently either.

      Anyway, this morning I woke-up as usual at about 7a.m and tried to go back to sleep for a bit, usually I say to myself "I will realise I'm dreaming" and things like that, but this morning I thought "it's not going to work so I'm going to stop trying and it'll probably happen" and went to sleep. Then voila it did! I just realised I was dreaming and flew around a bit, it wasn't that fantastic or long, but it just shows how giving it a break can definitely work!

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      Agreed. I had a bit of dry spell last week, myself. This week, I just stopped trying all together and had three LDs Sunday Night and four last night. All except two were fairly long. I managed to knock off quite a few of my tasks, and overall had a blast.

      Who knew using telekinesis in an epic snowball fight could be so much fun. Giving other DCs abilities during the snowball fight also proved to be amusing. ^.^


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