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      Empty Pockets and a Beautiful Experience

      This is a lucid dream I recently had that Iíd like to share with you. In the past I had more lucid dreams, but this was one of the most intense I ever had. By the way, this is my first post here. Hello, I am David from the Netherlands.

      My recollection of my dream began when I was wandering in a shoe store. At this point the dream wasnít lucid yet. I was just looking for some nice shoes, but none of them really matched that criteria. Slightly disappointed I left the store and walked towards a building with a man walking next to me. I couldn't make out his face and while walking I checked my pockets in case I forgot one of my belongings (i.e. my wallet, keys or phone). I always carry these things with me and so whenever I leave somewhere, I'll make sure it's there. But in this case all my pockets were empty!

      This amazed me and made me realise something was wrong. This is a dream! As I had more lucid dreams in my life, I felt really excited that I was conscious again in a dream. I looked at my left, where that same man was still walking besides me. At this moment I canít remember much of his appearence, except his black hair and a brown shirt. We were approaching a building and right in front of it I joyfully decided to take a big jump and fly over it. It was a truly awesome feeling. Not only the feeling of being airborne, but more so that I was doing it in a state of full voluntary consciousness. I flew further towards a spot near my home where I was born 27 years ago. There on the road I saw a circle of approximately 10 people in white clean clothes standing below me. They were talking with each other, but I couldnít make out any words. As I descended I hovered next to one of these man and we started walked. Actually, he was walking and I floated next to him. At one point he said to me (telepathically): "You seem to enjoy this hovering". Yeah, I surely did. He felt friendly and his remark made me feel like someone who was new and still experimenting this awesome flying skill. (In other dreams I used to sometimes find myself flying in circles uncontrollably, but in this dream I mastered it really well.)

      After that I made some high jumps in the air but couldnít see much of the surroundings. Slowly my sight became blurry. I felt as if I moved my way back to the waking state. In between these moments I still had some experiences, but they seem to hard to explain.

      When I finally woke up, I was excited by this intense lucid dream. It felt absolutely real, just like this state as I am in now, while I am looking at my computer screen. After this experience, more than before, it makes me want to practice this lucid state and further explore this amazing field.

      Nice to see this platform where these experiences can be shared!

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      It's one of the most amazing and enjoyable experiences to have vivid lucid dreams like that (especially the first time you can fly with complete freedom, and control).


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