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    Thread: My first LD

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      My first LD

      About a week after I started get interested in lucid dreaming and reading about it, I got my first LD now
      I woke up this morning, having fever etc so I stayed home from school, I had slept for like 6 hours so I played some games on my mobile phone for around 45mins to try doing a DILD (thats the "sleep 5-6h, stay awake 30-60min, sleep one right?) And I succeeded
      My dreams are usually "blurry" and wierd, but this is what I remember:

      I was standing at my house (it wasnt, but in the dream it was) and I looked at the road nearby, where there was a lot of traffic stuck with a lot of different cars that I usually dont see. I thought to myself, "Theres never a traffic jam on my road, it must be a dream!"
      I became excited, but I remembered reading here on the forum that I should stay calm so I dont wake up, so I calmed down a bit.
      I saw some kind of house across the road that had some kind of pillars in front of it, that where starting to get blurry and bend, so I yelled "Stabilize!" a few times while looking a my hands (first time i've seen my hands in a dream) that where a bit blurry etc aswell, then and everything went back to normal.

      Next thing I know was that I lying in my bed, getting up from it slowly to stabilize. I went outside and met a DC, a girl I dont remember how she looked like, she didn't say anything.
      Here i started to think something like "Wow, its awesome to be lucid" but it felt too real. I didnt feel so much in my arms, legs etc (like if you "sit" on your leg for a while) but then I got feeling in everything, so I lost lucidity

      My dream went on being wierd (like my dreams usually are ) in 2 parts, one connected to where I lost lucidity, and a random one.
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