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      Sorta looking for guidance here...

      about 2 weeks ago , me and my brother became very interested in lucid dreaming , i told him an experiance i had that got him very interested , he would spend around 4 hours a day looking up the subject on lucid dreaming , some days he would spend about 10 hours searching it and reading other peoples experiance's anyway,

      The experiance was : that night i had been playing a lot of CSS (counter strike source) with my friend, we were on mics and everything , on till 4-5am in the morning , and then i went to bed, finding myself suddenly in a CSS scenario, but i wasnt coniouse , it felt like any other dream i had , i looked at my hands, i knew i was dreaming , but i still wasnt concouse, almost like i was dreaming that i had a lucid dream, i remember trying to make a certain female appear around the cornor , but then again , i wasnt concous , i remember the intense feeling of trying to make something happen and it feels like it works but it didnt, anyway u STILL wasnt concouis, i remember that the only good think i can do was look at my hand and see the differant things that come up, anyway , i woke up the following morning, thinking i had a lucid dream , but seriously , i hope that is not what lucid dreaming is , or a very WEAK lucid dream , cuz it felt like any other dream i would have, except i sorta felt like i was controlling stuff, when i woke up it didnt feel like i was ACCULY there, i can just remember it like i can with any other dream, anyways , can someone tell me if this was a lucid dream? because i hope it wasn't or it isnt as fun and real as i thought it would be, i mean it was just like any other dream i had except i dreamt that i was looking at my hands and shit, but failing at controlling stuff, im sorry , i just cant explain it, i can only think to explain it like i said before, ' It was just like a had a regular dream' nothing special :/ So i need guidance? Oh and i dont remember anything being vivid at all, so can someone tell me this was just a dream were i looked at my hands and had a dream about lucid dreaming? because my brother said he had a OBE for about 20 secs , and it felt like he was ACCULY there and fully concous , but i didn't feel anything like that , this question has been stuck in my head, and i have only heard of people dreaming about talking about the lucid dreaming subject, but not dreaming abut having a lucid dream.

      And sorry for the lack of spelling, it is 2:00 am for me, and im frigin tired and just want awnswer's , and i hope this wasnt a lucid dream, Because it seriously was a boring and dull experiance, just like all my other dream's , although i find some of my other regular normal dreams pretty fun sometime's

      And on another subject, I havnt had a nightmare for about 1-2 years now, and i am sorta scared to have a OBE, because my brother explained how real it felt, and since i havnt had a nightmare for quite sometime , i feel scared to have one , because it feel's so real and intense , it might feel real and inteense when i encounter the jigsaw or something and be a victim of one of his traps but although i dont want to have a nightmare, but i ACCULY do , because i forgot wat it felt like to wake up knowing my imagination just tested my cowardness, hard to explain, but it is sorta exiting for me to have one , but i dont want it to be TOO drastic and intense , im talking scary like, being chased by zombies or somthing, but if i think like this is it more likely for me to have a nightmare? or when i have a OBE/LD i would be so overwelmed im in my own dreamworld that i wont think of things like that?

      EDIT: Oh and i didnt feel that overwelmed feeling that people normally have when they first lucid dream, just looked at my hands and said to my self 'im dreaming' then i fucked off somewhere

      OH AND , i remember explaiing to my mother i was in a dream and that the juice i was drinking tasted so real, like it would in real life, but then , i still felt i wasn't acculy lucid dreaming.
      and she said to me i must stop being so silly, its not a dream, acting so real, but then AGAIN , i didnt feel like i was there, and if i think i was , i would have done stuff differently, like walk into the other room , because my mum hasnt really been paying attention to my fasination about lucid dreaming , so therefor in my dreamworld i wont give a shit about her opinion.

      P.S , ive never had a lucid dream , and if this was a lucid dream , then i suppose i had one , but it was probably a seriously weak one... if it acculy was a LD - and it was a DILD, it happend shortly after my dad waking me at 8:30, then i woke p at 1:30 pm () relising i just had this experiance.
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