Hi everyone, I had not have DILD's for a while, I do WILD normaly, anyways, last night i had this LD, I dont remember becoming lucid.

Dream: I whas standing in my room did my RC, and then told myself, good job, finaly something different then WILD,
I jumped trough my window, but it did not go to well, kinda bumped into in like a spiderweb and then fell trough.. right after that happend I desided that it was not right, and I wanted to do that over, I teleported back inside my room and jumped again this time without problems......

The strange thing is, I did not realize I teleported untill I woke up, it whas more like...I need to do this again and it happend, but better!
guess my DILD aren't as lucid and vivid as my WILD's