This one was very awesome.

Last night I went to bed at 11:00PM, which is pretty unusual for me because I just don't sleep well if it isn't 12:00PM sharp. I woke up at ~4:00AM, because of an temporary "insomnia". I stood there for about 15 mins and then I have fallen asleep again. The new dream was with me doing Fallout 3 stuff, but then the scenery changed with me being in a very small "mexican" town at night. The only light was shining half of the city. I saw a woman in a dress standing in the middle. This is when I crawl (think I was a werewolf or something) in circles arround her in the darkness. She saw me, but she didn't feared me... she just looked at me smiling. I started to leap at her... then all went black.

Now I can hear myself thinking, I am lucid and everything is dark. I say to myself "You gotta open your eyes!", so I did. I "openned" my eyes and I was in my bed looking at the ceiling. I felt VERY weird, very heavy and the feeling I was "chained". I soon realized that I am in a lucid dream, so I wanted to get up and do cool stuff. My vision was hazy. I tried to lift my upper body, but could lift it only in at 45 degrees. While I was lifting up, my "real" body in the bed started feeling a needle-in-every-muscle sensation. I figured that this won't work, so I tried to teleport somewhere. Tried concentrating to teleport, but it didn't work as I soon woke up feeling my body with that needle sensation (but not as bad as when I was LDing).

Also could this be an "OOBE" since I felt my "real" body while I was trying to "lift off"?