I woke up early on a Saturday and decided to try and have a lucid dream when I fell back asleep. I eventually started dreaming...

I dreamt I was in my room, except the walls were glowing white and some of my furniture had been moved around. I took out a book (I think it was some sort of almanac) and picked a name out of it. The person who that name belonged to appeared, sitting in my chair. Realizing this was impossible, I did some reality checks and found I was dreaming. I started a conversation with the person sitting in my chair. The person was female, with dark wavy/curly hair, and a pleasant face. After a while, I said, "If this is a dream, then you aren't real." This upset the person a great deal and she said something like, "Just because this is a dream, doesn't mean everything isn't real. How would you like it if I came into your world and started declaring that nothing was real?" She then threatened to take away my lucidity, so I apologized profusely and she forgave me. We kept talking and I eventually asked her,
"So, if this place is real, do you live here? What's it like? Can you show me?"
She said something about me having to wake up, since it was getting to hot in my room and I'd get dehydrated and subsequently, I woke up.