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    Thread: My First LD

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      My First LD

      I called it my first LD, but I've been passively LDing without even knowing it was a LD, and this dream, well I remember it clearly.

      Okay, so I went to bed with the thought that I'll fly in a lucid dream. I found myself in the seashore, along with other DCs. I didn't see any dream signs, but I turned lucid anyways . At that, I screamed "Oh hey I'm having a lucid dream!" I looked for the nearest person I could see. I saw a person, which looked like me, no, it was me! I said, "Hey you're dreaming!" That other me got annoyed and was like "Yeah right!" (That'll be my respones when someone will say that to me btw) I walked up to another DC and asked if he could punch me. I heard that if you believe it will happen, so I hoped he'll really punch me. But he just shrugged away (that was disappointing -_-).
      The next thing I did was, "Since this is a LD, I should probably fly!" So I jumped, I thought hard to not hit the ground, and voila! I didn't technically fly, but I floated. I stayed on the air for about 10 seconds, and when I hit the ground, I lost lucidity.

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      Nice work, sunset! As far as the confidence you talked about, that will come with more experience. Specific techniques, like flying, actually have their own tutorials. At any rate, I'm glad it was fun. Keep posting your experiences with LDing!
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