This is my ~6th DILD!

The dream begins with me being in my car while my brother was driving; we were going home. We were generally just chilling out, when I suddenly see the begining of an rectangular hole in the concrete. I didn't gave it too much thought and resumed talking to my brother. Suddenly he starts looking at me. I find that odd so I look in front of me. The hole that I saw previously was bigger then I had thought, big enough to trap the car vertically. I start to scream at my brother "DUDE! LOOK AT THE FREAKING HOLE IN THE CONCRETE", but it was too late. We crashed in the hole with the front part seriously busted. I didn't got injured and was just standing on the front seat thinking "Wow, that was pretty stupid... this MUST be a dream".

I stood on the seat for a few seconds, when I suddenly become lucid. I am now outside the big hole seeing a car in front of me. I think it would be cool to lift that car with my "telekinetic" powers. The car was moving, so I stop it by raising my hand and pushing towards it. I then lift it by lifting my hand and put it down somewhere else. After this I lose lucidity and woke up...

I feel like I am getting better. I still need to improve vividness of my lucid dreams and control ( I get "dirty" thoughts while LDing, that's the main reason I lose lucidity... perfectly normal for an 15 year old ) . I can call this my greatest lucid dream, because seeing cars floating at my finger tips is so awesome!