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      First Lucid

      My first lucid experience and the reason I found this forum, since I wish to do more lucid dreaming.

      I know that I usually realize that I'm dreaming and have a decent amount of control in my dreams. But I don't have the best memory of what I dreamed.

      Anyways couple nights ago, went to bed, got up for a couple hours and found myself tired again, back to bed. I start dreaming, but I am incredibly aware, except everything is black and I can't do anything about it. Try to pull myself out of the dream, its not happening. Suddenly an old wooden staircase appears to my side and in front of me a wooden table with a man at the end, he looks just wrecked, incredibly bloodshot eyes. I know there is a woman in the room as well, but he mainly grabs my attention. She walks over, starts tracing her fingers on my hand, I can feel every detail. I can't remember our whole conversation but he basically told me during this time "this reality really isn't too different from your own." At this point she goes down on me, god did it feel good, but ya I woke up with a nice mess.

      This dream has been embedded in my memory for at least a week, it was incredibly vivid.

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      nice! ur lucky


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