yesterday an extremely vivid dream, I was semi-lucid on it, my mind was almost almost lucid, because I was very conscious.
when I'm semi-lucid it's like I know it's a dream, but in a unconscious level, I manipulate the dream a bit like I know it's a dream, but I'm not quite lucid, just, almost there.
but man!, now I understand when people say that they had extremely vivid dreams.
this was..oh...incredibly vivid.
I was in the street, looking everything...there was people, a woman talking in the phone, I heard her voice...it was SO SO real!
I found this happens every time I try to fall asleep consciously (not exactly WILD)
also, I found that is becoming easier for me to keep awareness when falling asleep, but I reach a point in where my body start to extremely urge and itch and I start to feel sad and mad....and I change position and fall asleep unaware.
I'm almost there maua