My dreams have always been seemingly real. They include strong physical feelings (fatigue, heart racing), and crystal clarity, they are often quite long as well.

I remember during the winter I dreamt that winter was rapidly changing to summer. I was walking to school, (odd because I take the bus) through the snow when I looked up in the sky and noticed the eye of a huge thunderstorm. As I continued walking I took a double take at that storm forming above me, "it couldn't rain in the winter now could it?" I saw the snow rapidly melting and leaving dry concrete, the bare trees gaining leaves. It dawned on me then, "this is a dream! It has to be!" Then I started thinking of the possibilites, "If this is a dream, then I could fly now couldn't I?" I took a look around me at the other people around me. I teenage guy behind me, a middle aged couple in front. I started having my doubts. What if I took a huge leap and it wasn't a dream, and people just thought I was nuts for trying to jump in the middle of the sidewalk? I was thinking this as I got ready to take a huge spiderman leap into the air. I did jump though, but lost my courage and jumped unrealistically far and high, though I did not fly. My superpowered jump was irrelevant though to my dream logic, and I continuted walking and lost my lucidity. The dream continued on, but I completely forgot that I ever had control.