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      Talking First one, although it was cut short.

      Ha ha!
      I read the tutorials on Lucid dreams some time ago, and began reality checks that day. I forgot about them after a while, and continued life as normal.

      Until last night.
      I woke up in my close friend's neighborhood in Kansas (About 1000 miles from where I live). There was snow on the ground, and I thought to myself, "it's not winter..." I immediately looked at my left hand for a reality check. I was wearing a watch with two screens, like a DS. I looked away, then looked back at it, and it had shrunk to maybe the size of two chiclets. "I'm DREAMING."
      I spin in circles, fearing that my dream will end. "I'm dreaming," I repeat to myself as I spin. When I stop, I realize how REAL it all is. I can see the individual grains of sand in the snow by the edge of the road, I can feel the cold air brushing past.

      Here's where it gets a little embarassing.
      I start looking for my highschool crush, Jenny. I find her (I don't remember where) and carry her in my arms to my friend's house. I lay her on a couch, and we are about to do something when my dad wakes me up.
      I had fallen asleep on my parents' couch and my Dad somehow knew what I was doing in my dreams. He begins lecturing me on that kind of dream.

      I never even did the reality check when I woke up... I need to work on that.

      Edit: I dreaming my dad lecturing me, in case that wasn't clear.
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