Since learning and having quite a few LDs and then having a several year drought with only one possible LD (i wasn't sure and could barely remember it, so it doesn't count), I've finally had another one! Hoorah!

It was actually pretty strange. It started with a dream where I was in a bar full of people (blues brothers "do you love me, now that I can dance" playing with people dancing and others sitting at long tables eating or drinking). I kept passing younger versions of family members. First I saw a younger version of my mum talking to a friend and turned around, walking around I passed a younger version of myself with younger versions of my brothers and parents sitting and eating at a table. Nobody recognised me. Walking along I passed another younger version of my brother at another table and thought I'd mess with his head by saying "hi (his name)". He responded as expected with a "huh?/what?" and I kept walking pretending I'd said nothing!

Thinking I was in the past, I had decided to try and call someone I knew but never decided who to call. I thought I could ring someone and find out something about the past but didn't know exactly what I was going to ask.

So far, pretty awesome and strange dream!

Then it turned lucid somehow -

I realised I was dreaming because I was kind of half awake or finding myself almost waking up. Because things felt so unstable, I was going to yell "Clarity now!" but ended up forgetting about it. I ended up in another part of the bar, lucid and aware it was a dream.

I saw myself in a mirror (i looked normal, so no real surprises there!). Then had a weird sense that something evil or wrong was happening, like i was being tempted to do something? I started yelling "i follow no one! i follow no one but god!" which I'm pretty glad I said looking back. It was like silent yelling, or yelling within my mind which I felt God could hear but others around could not (apart from the possible evil force). I ended up at a reception desk where my mother was standing but (as with all my family members at the bar) she didn't recognise me. I started to try to ask God if he had anything he wanted me to know and if I was on the right track in life. Only response I got was my mum smiled and her eyes turned green (similar to the yellow eyes demon in Supernatural, just green) and I noticed her desk had angels and angel related cards on it.

Then I woke up and wrote it down so I wouldn't forget! It's the first religious type lucid dream I've had I think (quite a few others weren't so religious back in my old days of lucid dreaming!).

Has anyone else found they've become lucid solely from sleep becoming a bit unstable or almost waking up? I think I had some false awakenings of some sort but really don't remember! It was quite a weird way to become lucid...