I was in the backseat of our sedan, with my dad and my sister in front, when I started to question my reality and checked my hand. I counted 5 very normal looking fingers, so I was disappointed, but I wouldn't accept that answer because deep down I already knew I was dreaming. I kept checking my hand and counting the fingers several more times until I finally summoned an extra pinky, and with that I was comfortably lucid.

As usual whenever I get lucid, I start to panic and think I'm already running out of time to do something, and the dream is fading fast, so I remember that I really want to fly. I invest my energy and belief in KNOWING that I'm going to fly just fine, and then I shoot myself up out of the car and soar like a bottle rocket high above the freeway traffic, except the whole dream has faded to white now and I'm just feeling the amazingly realistic forces of gravity and propulsion against my body, enjoying that feeling. I want to continue flying and shoot forward, but I've been concentrating on my body too much and I feel it fading from my flying dream body to my sideways sleeping real body, so after a bit of struggle to return I just give up and have a false awakening, continuing on with a string of other non-LDs.

This is the first time I've ever really flown while lucid, so I'm proud of myself for that. Now I'd better concentrate on believing that I can stay in the dream and keep it as vivid for as long as I want, even though I know it's a dream.