Last night I had my first lucid in a while, I had two dreams one that I can partially remember in which I had control but wasn't aware that it was a dream, the second (well you can read about it below).

Before last night I hadn't had a lucid dream in about three to four months and even those ones (when I first started getting into lucid dreaming) lasted about ten seconds before I would wake up or lose lucidity. So I was very excited during and after waking up from this one.

It was kind of strange though because in my previous short lucid dreams I've been able to fly and throw people long distances, however this dream was extremely vivid (to the point where I was confused whether or not it was real or not... and I probably wasn't entirely lucid as well) so for a while I couldn't willfully control the environment nor could I fly or summon anything.

I tried to edit this as I woke up and wrote it straight after so I may have butchered the english language even more than normal Enjoy.

The dream started off with me in double media class, wondering how I got there. It doesn't register until later that it was a dream.

There was a lot of us all sitting at a big table, playing Poker. (I was dealing... this stems from a a poker/card fascination I've had going for a while now ) and we were all talking. It was strangely vivid and the responses from the dream characters were not unlike any that their real world counterparts would make so I was not 100% sure if it was real or not, strangely doing a reality check did not even come into my mind.

I decide to go home in the middle of the second period because I was 99% sure it wasn't real due to several factors... first being we never have double media in periods 1 and 2, there were friends in the class that don't have media this semester and there were random dream characters that don't really go to my school in the class as well. After all of this I began to jog down the street, going home.

On my way home I was joined by a dream character, I ask him "Figured it out yet?", he looks at me with a confused look on his face and I tried to explain to him that this is a dream. He doesn't believe me at first but when we turn the corner and are looking at a warped version of the park next to the primary school I went to where instead of a memorial there is a huge, twisting tree (something out of a fantasy game), a courtyard and a huhe realises.alise that it is in fact a dream.

At this point it's extremely vivid and the DC makes a comment about that, however after that it starts getting hazy so I spin around but I "wake up"... (false awakening) I go back to "sleep"

and...wake up again... this time I put my finger through my other hand and then the scene changes.

Now I'm back with my media class but for whatever reason everyone is standing next to giant cliff that's towering above us. Something happens and large pieces start falling off, about to crush us. Everyone screams but I put my hands up and stop the pieces in mid-air and then make them go back
into the cliff. After that I had tons of false awakenings and then I woke up for a real.


There was a point where I was trapped in a house with a seemingly indestructable person, I managed

to make a molotov cocktail out of some spirits and a rag I found in the house. I threw it at him, he

caught on fire... but kept coming. That's all I can remember. This wasn't a part of the dream above,

but this dream wasn't really lucid(I was controlling myself, I'm apparently shit at throwing a molotov cocktail by the way )

Sorry for the long post