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      My first 2 seconds of lucidity!

      I just got into lucid dream about a week ago. I was having a dream late this morning, very close to the time that I normally wake up, and in this dream my tooth fell out. Teeth falling out happens very often in my dreams, at least once a week, so I'd started saying to myself "If my teeth fall out, I will know I am dreaming." This morning, it took me a few after the tooth fell out, but I finally realized, "hey, I must be dreaming!" and the tooth was suddenly back in my mouth. But not even 2 seconds after that, I woke up.
      Should I consider this my first LD or not, because I didnt actually get to do anything with the lucidity?
      "Everything that exists imagined itself into existence."
      First moments of lucidity: 9/19/09
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      Congratulations, that was definitely your first lucid dream. As long as you knew that you were dreaming it was a lucid dream. Good job and I hope your next lucid dream is much much longer


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