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      First LD

      This is my first one and i have been trying off and on for months. It only lasted a few seconds. I smoked weed before bed and when i woke up at 7 am went to the bathroom and blazed through my vaporizer after because i got work in the morning so i did it to go back to sleep. While i was laying there i was having a cool dream before i got up, so i decided to try to ask for the dream to continue and kept saying over and over "I want that dream to continue"

      I noticed i was in a dream right away it was me walking in my front door and my mom was cleaning there were 4 soap buckets as a walked in so i started walking up the stairs calling for my mom and she poped out of the bathroom at the top of the stairs. I thought i was high in the dream so i was like holy shit im fucked, but anyway i was on the stairs and fell backwards it fell like and i woke back up, i guess because i was so excited. Immediately after i fell out of the dream i went back into major sleep paralyses + weed. Always feels awesome, different than any one before i had i really didnt fell my body, when i fell backwards in the dream i really didn't fell my body.

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      Welcome to dreamviews and congrats on your first lucid dream. I hope that you have many more. If you have any questions please feel free to ask and they will be answered.


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