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    Thread: Am I psychotic?

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      Question Am I psychotic?

      I had this dream quite a while ago. Around 3 or 4 months. After I dreamt this it made me question my own sanity. It goes like this....

      I am invisible in what seems to be a shopping mall. It is night and it is mostly dark inside. I'm about 7ft in the air viewing a woman who is at an island booth located on the 1st floor. She is a brunette wearing her hair in a pony, she has on a pair of khaki pants and a white sweater top with the sleeves pulled up slightly. She wears a black apron and she is tending to the cash register for the booth. (closing up I'm assuming) . Suddenly I am viewing her from about 10 ft behind her, looking through another persons eyes. The person walks up to her from behind and seizes her around the neck. I now see a pair of keys in the hand of the same man (I knew they belonged to the woman), against a greenish background of a parking garage with florescent lights. I see an almost cinematic side view of the car driving with lights blurring by in lines. Now I am looking at what appears to be a two story red brick apartment building. There is one large open window on the side wall of it, from it a long silver chain dangles from it. On the chain dangles the body of a girl in her teens. The chain is wrapped around her neck like a noose and she dangles limp about 5ft below the window. I am viewing this from about 20ft away at ground level. Now I am in a dark hallway walking towards the door at the end. When I appeared in this hallway I knew three things: 1. I was the husband of the mall woman. 2. My daughter was supposed to be in her room. 3. I am in control of this body. I open the door and walk into her room, the first thing I notice is the silver chain attached to a bed post 3ft in front of me on my left. The chain is taunt and it goes across my path to outside the window. I walk to the window and peer outside. I see my daughters corpse. (she really didn't have any details, just a human shape with basic colors) I look to my left and I see a man laying upon my daughters bed. He's propped up on pillows which are resting on a wall. His legs are sprawled out, left bent with the knee in the air while the other is laying down extended. I see him as being a caucasian human male, that is about all I am able to determine. In his left hand he has a knife, it is about 6-7 inches in length, about 2-3 inches in width. The back of the blade has sharp triangular shaped notches. On the bed lying about 3ft from him, next to his leg lies a gun. It is a black snub nosed revolver, from my position it is about 3.5 feet away. I lunge for it to see if I could get it before he does, but he reaches over and takes it. I look up at him and he has the gun pointed at me. He then lets his gun arm fall and says to me "You can have my gun when I die." He lets go of the gun and uses the knife in his left hand to cut his right wrist. He then switches knife hands and cuts the other wrist. His body falls limp and I'm thinking "Sweet, free gun." As I reach over to take the weapon, I see his eyes snap open. He throws himself at me with his hands against my shoulders, sending us both towards the ground. I lie prostrate with my hands on my chest, he is on he knees looking down at me. Each knee is on either side of my hip (we were in this shape "_l_" side view). He then raises his right arm which holds the knife (blade facing down), in defense I raise my hands. He goes to strike me in the face but I reach for the blade, not caring whether I got cut. I grasp the blade firmly with my left hand, he then pulls the blade out from the side. I know there must have been a huge gash upon my hand but I didn't care. The blade, having just left my hand, is thrust into my right abdomen. I look down and see the it jutting from my belly. I reach for the handle and tear it from his hands and out of my myself using my right hand. My right arm moves across my chest to the left and I make a slashing motion (picture a half rainbow, it was in that kind of arc) at his throat with the blade. As the knife makes contact with his skin, everything slows down tremendously. I see the knife going all the way across his neck, blood is spraying out in a horizontal line, and I'm watching his face as it's happening. His expression slowly turns from anger to a face of shock, disbelief, and fear (), his jaw dropping. As it's happening I feel a sense of total victory and accomplishment. But before the blade can exit the side of his neck.... I am awake.

      Before you judge I need to make a comment. I gotta thing for guns, I always have, that's why I said "Sweet, free gun."

      I'd like to hear your opinions/thoughts.

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      I wouldn't worry too much about it. Dreams give you false memories and character just to keep the illusion of the dream. If you dream you're Jason, that doesn't make you Jason And who doesn't have a thing for guns?
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