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      I had a Lucid Dream!....or not?

      I am still new to this forum (Hi everyone, btw ), so please bear with me!

      I think I had my 3rd Lucid Dream last night(in a span of 2 months ), but I'm not too sure about this one.
      Okay, this has to be the most weirdest dream I have ever got (excluding my 1st and 2nd LD experiences which scared the hell out of me).

      Before Dream :
      So last night, I went to sleep at about 3 am. I was very very tired, then I remembered a very cool technique I read in this forum (thanx to whoever posted it) to just lie down still to initiate a WILD (I hope I got that right). So I just lied down, remained still, remembered not to swallow, swallowed, swallowed again, then I told myself "think of something else, think of something else". I don't remember doing anything after that.

      During Dream :
      Now, in the first 2 LDs i ever had, I had noticed some strange things, that got me thinking I must be dreaming, before sleep paralysis got me.
      This time it was a little different.
      I feel like I was just transported from real word to dream world. When I was in there, I just knew I was dreaming. So I pinched myself, again and again, it did not hurt a bit (though I did feel something, but it was nothing like pinching, just like a very very soft touch, hardly noticeable). I spinned around at one place at one point I was feeling a bit tired, and it worked! I got more vivid after that.
      Though I still couldn't control anything in my dream world (I had to break the front door of my house to get out), it was still a great experience. One thing more, I was very very suspicious that I might not be dreaming (it looked SO REAL!), so I punched and slapped my brother, and barged into my neighbor's house, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't anything real.

      So what am I suspicious about?
      Did I really had a LD or was I just dreaming about getting an LD?

      (sorry for a weird question like that, but I've never had a LD experience before, since you can count the first two out coz they lasted 4 or 5 seconds)

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      If you were aware you were dreaming, actually had that feeling. Then yes, it was Lucid.

      My explanation from another thread:

      Quote Originally Posted by ExoByte View Post
      This is where things can get confusing for people, especially those outside of Lucid Dreaming.

      It is like the Ego and the Id. Your body may not contain the essence of your ego in anyway, shape or form. Your ego may simply be the observer. This is YOU. But you, as in your body, would be the Id.

      In this scenario, you may have a dream where 'you' say "I'm dreaming!" but YOU do not actually realize it. This is the conflict between dreaming Id ('you') and your dreaming ego (YOU).

      The 'conscious you' is what you want to say "I'm dreaming." If you consciously realize you're dreaming, and actually feel as if you are dreaming, realizing that it is as such, then you are Lucid.

      Some Lucid Dreams are short and only a couple seconds long. It takes practice to stabilize and hold down a lucid dream.
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      Thanx for the answer and the great explanation as well!
      Though my first two lasted seconds, this one lasted minutes (perhaps because I did that spinning thing).
      I hope I get more and more LDs in future. This one was a surprise for me, because I had tried the technique a thousand times and was accustomed to failure. This success taught my a few things, and I'm never gonna give up on LDing, now that I know how cool it is


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