So I actually woke up from this like 45 minutes ago. This was my fourth lucid dream, but all of my other ones I had just meditated myself into when I woke up in the middle of the night.. This one I was just having a sort of regular dream, still with all of the little wierd things that should clue me though, so I'm just going to skip to the lucid part. I had just gotten home from school quicker then normal and the drummer from my band was there. I asked him how he got there soo fast, and then if this was real. He told me it was but I insisted on poking him. Then the dream got like 10000 times more real and I ran on the walls and used a force type thing on my friend. There was a voice that seemed to be giving me a tutorial. I tried to fly through the roof but failed. It then said why don't you use that window and a window appeared, which I flew through. It took me a sec to fly properly, and then I juust continued to do some awesome lucid stuff but I awoke from the dream sadly after about 5 minutes. This was hands down the most real dream I've ever had, pretty much seemed like reality.

I was wondering a few things also, while I'm here.
1. Are there people who have lucid dreams all night, every night?
2. Could that voice have possibly been a dream controller?
3. How can I prevent myself from waking up? I seem to have this problem.