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      Tricked out of a potential lucid

      I'm not sure if this belongs here, since it was a near-lucid experience but never actually became lucid. I just wanted to share this because it's so damn bizarre, well, to me. The one thing that should've made me instantly realize it was a dream, was that my dad was in it.

      It started out in a computer lab for some reason. I was walking behind chairs hitting peoples chairs with my bike wheel and i was like "oh im sorry", like it was an accident but i was just bein an ass.
      I went into the next room, another computer lab, and did it again
      then when i went upstairs it transformed into my dads house and i went into the guest room there and saw a gurney i was like wtf and my stepmom said, "yeah your dad thought your body looked broken when you were sleeping and got you this?" My dad walked and I said "is this a fuckin dream?" he's like nooo Kendall it must be the time difference, (which makes no sense at all) and I fuckin bought it -.- , I then layed down on the bed, and he shoves a toothbrush full of nasty toothpaste into my mouth and starts brushing i was like "wtf dude", he's like "yeah that was kinda stupid huh?". I went to the bathroom to wash it out and the dream ended. When my dad told me I wasn't dreaming, I realized how.. real this dream felt and totally believed him. Why couldn't I just think to RC or realize that the setting I was at, was impossible? lolz. still a fun dream nonetheless.
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      lol sometimes I like those just plain random dreams.... As to why you didn't become lucid... no clue. I'm no expert, obviously. My goal for now is simply to have another LD.... maybe you weren't close to becoming lucid? Who knows? Try doing RC's more often... maybe this will help.
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