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      Physically finding the "Hall of Records"...?

      This dream stuck out to me very much so, I'll include what led up to the important part because it has to be there for a reason. If you don't want to read the whole thing, skip to number 4, 5, and 7 for the parts that are about the "Hall of Records".

      1) I was at a gas station, standing at the edge of it by the sidewalk. It was at an intersection of two very main roads. It had just rained, and everything was very wet. A call full of "gangsters" (I'll use this term, because the car was fashioned like an early 1920's-1940's Ford, but slightly different) were speeding along, swerving through traffic, doing donuts in the middle of the road ... came zooming through the gas station, out of the other side, continued to do donuts back out on the road. There had been someone hanging out of the window screaming and yelling and when they got back on the road from the gas station, he fell out of the window and was dangling out with someone holding his hand. The driver would not slow down, hit a bump, and caused him to go under the car getting run over. My vision at this point was following the car down the "highway", where it was speeding at at least 100 mph. There was construction under and over pass and a tarp covering a metal dumpster. The car went through the tarp, and hit the dumpster at full speed.

      2) The impact caused the bodies to go flying out of the car in, into a nearby house. This is where I come in the story again, as I am an assistant to a man in charge of cleaning up the dead bodies. I'm trying to help, but the floor is covered in a very strange, very sticky substance (think Ghostbusters here) that is almost clear, but has a slight beige tint to it. The gore is substantial - but the other man I am working with is good at cleaning it up. He is a lot older than me, maybe mid 40's, and is extremely calm. I turn around to find something to clean with, and when I look back he had vacuumed up the whole mess. He's holding one of the heads in a bag, and for some reason offers me a baseball helmet that is on a nearby couch. I say "sure". We start heading back to his car to leave the site, but then I tell him I have to grab something from my room (which is upstairs for some reason). It is not my real room, and contains no objects that are familiar to me. I only went there to get one specific thing, but my hands become filled with numerous objects that I don't know why I am carrying them. I was in there for longer than I should have been and keeping the man waiting, but I saw a hat with the mans favorite comic on it. ****It was an older detective comic, 2 words, both starting with M's. If anyone knows of such a comic, I would like to know.**** I get in the car with him, he's mad that I took so long. We talk about the mentioned comic.

      3) Even though we drove off, I am back in the house. It is now empty and I am looking out the front window at various apartment buildings and people walking around. I felt like something important was going to happen, but then the front door open and my grandma was there. She starts talking to me about something mundane and annoying, I get aggrivated with her. As I am by the front door, I open up the closet. There is a small white box with knobs on it, the box has residue of that same sticky substance on it - but the box itself isn't sticky. It mostly just has the apparence of being dirty. It kind of looks like a late 80's fm radio that you stick under a kitchen cabnet. The knob has different names you can select, with different years. I select one of the names, and when I turn around there is a women standing there. I believe the year I picked was something like 1994. The box was a hologram projection system of sorts, and it could produce varied characters. However, when I was talking to the women (she was attractive) I went to touch her and I could feel her being. I asked her why I could feel her if she wasn't real, and she says because she needed love. She wants to show me in the basement, her old records and such that she was very attached to. When we got down there, I realized I had sold them. I felt really bad, because she got extremely upset that they weren't there anymore. I stop being in the dream here, and now the holographic people start having a family with some other man - raise children and such.

      ****4) Not sure how this part comes in, but instantly there is a sense that what I am seeing is super important. I am in some kind of simulation room with a few other people, a team of sorts. We are talking about "a place" that is ancient and people have been trying to find for an extremely long amount of time. One of the members of this team, got coordinates of the place (I knew how he got the numbers, but I forgot upon waking up) and was able to put them into the simulation machine. The machine could essentially view any location in the universe as if you were there, but you had to put in the exact numbers. The man puts them in, and on the screen there is a black tiled floor (more like black bricks, but they are smooth and worn) and water slowly washing over the floor. The water was a representation of distance, and an inch was an astronomical distance. It was like we were looking at a map at a verrrrrry far distance away essentially. The water moved a few feet, and everyone laughed at how far it was. Then however, the place came up on the screen.

      ****5) It must have been a different planet, but no one doubted that it was it. What they were looking for was "a vault, or library" that contained secrets of the universe. It was on this planet, and on the screen you had various options of what you could do (like an A. B. C. D. sort of list, it was limited). The man running the simulation knew exactly what to do, he was inputing certain commands that enabled him to move forward in the environment. It is kind of difficult to explain what was going on. When I got a view of the actual place we were supposedly in, it looked like a run down temple of sorts. There was a wall that had attempted to be dug into, there was scattered debris, but that was not the proper entrance to the vault (I knew this from looking at it, I felt like I had been there before and knew where to go). There was a biggg pit in the middle of the temple, with a circular walkway going around it. The man running the machine was inside an open (no ceiling) room with the debris, and as soon as he went out onto the circular walkway aroudn the pit - there was some kind of giant reptile, creature, something not good that was coming straight for him. It made a noise that sounded completely alien. The nature of this creature was extremely dangerous, and even in the simulation you weren't allowed to get anywhere near it. The man didn't specify he wanted weapons during the simulation, so he was forced to jump into the giant pit - committing suicide within the simulation as to not get in any proximity with this creature. The drop was very far, and I remember feeling the drop myself and hitting the bottom.

      6) Since it was only a simulation, it was successful in the fact that they had found the place and now they could go there in real life. This team was "evil" however and not the "good guys". I come back into the dream now in my body, and I am by the house from the beginning of the dream. I'm with another man, my partner (I'm pretty sure it was the same one as before but he was younger this time), and he says that we are behind. The other people had the coordinates and that they were going to get there first. A car pulls up, and it is people from the "evil" team. We talk for a minute, they tell us that they are going to the "vault" and getting whats inside of it. Before we can do anything to stop them, there is something in my coat sleeve. I got bit by something, and when i take off my coat it is a huge centipede. I start feeling sick, and realize it was poisonous. I go to the hospital and someone who had just had a lobotomy starts attacking me, and biting me. I become a hemophiliac and can't stop bleeding.

      ****7) Somehow I am now in Norway, walking down a very specific street. This street has a WWII memorial building on it. I'm being told by some feeling or intuition that inside this building, is another set of numbers needed for the simulation machine or some very important purpose. I'm scared that the other people have already been hear and retrieved the numbers that were hidden somewhere in the walls (it was an old building) because I see a sign on the fence that was written in English (nothing else was). It was a sign for a fence company that had a name, address, all which I could read and wish I could actually remember. As soon as I see this, someone in a car pulls up to me and talks to me in another language I can't understand. Then he asks, "Do you want to get food?" and I say yes, and get in the car with him. We drive away, but my vision is still on that street ... there is a black parked car with a man inside, looking at pictures. These pictures are stills from a video (something to do with the numbers in the building). The simulation machine apparently could record any event that had happened, or was going to happen ... and the still's were from a video of a Sparrow "dancing" in the rain, on a patch of light on the ground that was shaped like a heart. They had taken this video, and sold it to Jay Leno for lots of money - there was something about the probability about the bird dancing the way it was, on that patch of light that made the odds nearly impossible. Pretty much the "bad" people were using the machine and numbers to exploit certain things, and making money off it.

      Phew, so I woke up very confused by all this but up until today I knew nothing about this "Hall of Records", or the "Akashic Records" - but I feel like that place I had seen was where something similar was kept. I came across the word "Akashic" for the first time today, and read some things online to see what it was, and it seemed like it was this place I had been to. I can't stress about how important / ancient / far away this place felt to me, and the urgency there was to get to it. Also the creature encountered there was nothing like I had imagined before in my life, and was very alien. I didn't actually see it, but I heard it and knew it was bad.

      Anyways, if anyone has taken the time to read any portion of this...I would love some input. My dreams can be like this often, I'll go to places that have this "otherly dimension" feel, or "ancient" quality. Would like to know if anyone else gets this, or if it is possible that where I traveled is a "concrete" place that any of you would be able to find as well.

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      sorry that I didn't read your whole story, but yea I was just going to suggest that you were at this akashic records place. I thought that you can only access this via an astral projection, not a lucid dream but I could be wrong.


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