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      First WILD!

      First WILD! Very short, but still. The other day I fell asleep very early, and so I woke up in the middle of the night, but it felt like morning. After 15 minutes or so I went back to bed, tried to fall asleep for a good while. First I fell into SP and experienced an unbelievable itch, it went away after a while. For some reason I fell out of SP and woke up. I tried to fall asleep again, and when I was so very close to falling asleep I felt this sensation in my head as if I was drinking very strong alcohol. It took me a few seconds but I realized it was sleep paralysis again. So I tried to just relax and go with it, and after a while my eyes flashed bright white, and when the whiteness faded I was in a cartoon environment. I was trying to be calm, but I also kept thinking "I'm WILDing, I'm WILDing yay" So a good 5-7 seconds later I woke up.

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      Quote Originally Posted by CDR View Post
      First WILD! Very short, but still.
      Hey, progress is progress~

      Good job


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