I was chilling in my friends room at school, sitting upright on his bed while he did some homework on the computer, just striking up a conversation. At one point when we got on the topic of dreaming, I said to him "you know, tonight i have it planned out, I'm going to see like a really cool valley then do x..y..z.". I also said that I was going to wake up in intervals. Thing was that I didn't have it planned out, I just wanted to make my dream life sound cool and interesting.


Later I go to sleep just thinking about random thoughts, and my typical "lucid dream" desiring mode, and drifted off to sleep. I didn't even set my cellphone alarm (i wasn't planning on waking up in intervals). While I fell asleep, the thought of what I said to my friend earlier never even surfaced. Yet I woke up several times in the morning... about 3:00am...5:30am...7:00am 7:30am. And around 7:00, i started thinking about dreaming as i feel back sleep. All of the sudden, in my non lucid dream, i was standing upright in my room holding a pair of scissors. That slowly drifted into the idea of seeing a really cool valley, and i saw a pretty god damn cool valley haha. The thought of the dream immediately hit me upon seeing this valley, and i became lucid! and i thought, good job Tom, so much win. I started focusing on some tree i saw and the image remained in my head while i thought "i am going to try something cool..like flying" then bam, i took off and started flyin to random objects i saw. Twas pretty awesome. shortly after i was back in room, and i made like a wizard wand appear in my hand. the dream subsided after XD

I don't know how to put this into context, but I here about this notion of saying to yourself "I am going to have a lucid dream" before you go to sleep, as a method of inducing one. The thought occurred to me that maybe.. 1:00hr..45 minutes before bed, talk about some badass dream that you want and anticipate to surely have because your are doing x or y differently, or that you just are giving more attention to it tonight. That may, subconsciously, become prioritized and acted upon more seriously. When i was waking up, i was just thinking "why the fuck am i waking up at 3:00...5:00.. etc..". Now that i recall telling my friend about waking up in intervals, its quite bizarre how i did exactly what i thought would exiting and desirable. Perhaps the mere fact of talking to somebody.. or posting it on a website, makes you mind think "ok... hes taking it pretty frickin seriously, rather than just saying it before he drifts to sleep".
im postulating at this point, but perhaps having a conversation with a family member about having a cool dream or posting something you attend to do with depth might positively affect your chances...

I don't know if this is common or has been discussed....or is even useful, but i thought it might hold some weight if the consequences of the dream and waking up intervals directly corresponded to what i said in my waking life XD. Thanks for reading my ditsy quick type up !!