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      Cool A truely insane lucid dream...

      Well it all started about 3 days ago... I was awake and thinking 'lucid lucid lucid'
      just that word over and over. I thought that I would get a lucid dream with that. so the dream started where I was getting a job at this Mexican restaurant and I worked their and said to my self 'this is the worts dream ever
      why did I even dream this' then I was like wait a mineut if im deraming then...
      COOL IM LUCID DREAMING!!!! but then I thought now that im lucid im guna go on the lucid dreamers fourm (this one) and my comp was broke so I thought to myself now that im lucid I can do what ever I want. for some reson
      I went insane and used my power to kill everything and then I reversed time (from waiting for R&C future a crack in time... its coming out today) and then I killed every body alot. so then I thought hmm this is geting old so when onto this huge deth match with this tiny bug named jerry. then I thought wtf im waisting this lucid dream...
      Then I thought to myself i know il fly so then i flew around rgw word at hyper speed (I slowed down sometimes) but then I thought to my self i know il go to planet yaxen so I flew their met some aleins. but what i didnt reilise that slowly over the dream I was loosing lucidity and prety cool I woke up.
      Then next dream was the same one with the mexican place (I dont know why) but i thought to myself I just had this dream Thus becoming lucid.
      so I continued where I left off. I made my self relly time and talked to my cells (they where nice) Then the queen said that she was pregnant then I asked by who. (wanting to know what my brain would come up with)
      then she answered and said, I got pregnant from YOU. i was like .
      I didn't like it so I turned her into a hot chick cause before she was a blob with a crown (cause that's what cells look like) so then I thought to myself I'M leaving this place. so I did. and went to the local strip joint but for some reson the girls B***s where censored this was this big blade box in the way I tryed to make it go away but it never did. i got pissed and made this person named ren come (from a animie called dears it was a good show) but then I got kinda Bord and started blowing up peaple with my sword and I hade angle wings. so I left and woke my self up from bordness (I cant seem too find out why I did)

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      Sounds like a couple pretty fun dreams. I've always wanted to control time in a LD, hopefully I'll get a chance soon.
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