Hey guys, (and girls) 8)

This morning I had an amazing LD. Or was it an OBE? I'm not sure....it was amazing!

OK, here I goes....

Yesterday i must have had some really amazing dreams but i couldn't remember a thing!!! But i remember very tiny details like i was glowing all over and felt really really good. I think it was lucid. (or even something more, like OBE or whatever, something close to the core i think)
So i remembered an amazing good and powerful feeling but no dreams to connect that to.... Still i was sure i had some amazing dreams, probably lucid.

OK, then today..... :]]]]]]]
I GOT LUCID AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yippie ))))))) finally! been a while :/
Well, i got lucid AND i recall it, yippie! LOL ,-) Because I think I get lucid many more times than I remember.

...i will tell you the amazing LD:

For some reason I became lucid... ))))))))))
It seems I was doing RCs and had became lucid! It was very dark in the dream!
Either I was on the end of a dream, or maybe even not in REM at all!?!
In any case I realized I was lucid and became very excited! Finally again!! =D
I looked at my hands to stabilize. It was very dark but I saw them and centered a bit. Then I looked behind my hands and stared up into the open space to direct my attention to the dream itself. I thought (and did send this thought-form) straight up, into the dark, to the dream itself: "DreamSource, show me my highest potential!"
I immediatly started levitating off the ground while I was walking forward and kept on flying higher and higher! :O
I felt really good and vibrating and powerful. It was still dark and I kept on going higher and higher in what seemed ever increasing high speed. I felt FULL of adrenaline!
On my right passed me a few people(?) in reverse direction. They were going down. I kept on going up...
I felt incredibly good and felt 1 with the Universe! Or at least I had the impression that this Universe was on my side. (IS!! ,] hehe)
I was also very excited and I could feel and hear myself breathing heavily and quickly, laying in my bed! I realized my physical body while I was still so fully lucid! I was probably waking up. But even tho that, I still stayed lucid for quite a while longer! It was a strange sensation. Like total awareness of both the dreambody and the physical body at the same time... :O Anybody had something like that?!?
I kept on going higher and higher and was completely vibrating, full of pure bliss!! :O
I was immensly happy!
Even though there was no dreamscene or something. Everything was dark. But in a special way.... not like "completely dark" but very dimmed. I was flying kinda superman style and could see my arms and hands.

The experience of vibrating all over with that .....life-energy(?kundalini?) was amazing!!!!!!

What a feeling!

I has many LDs before, but this vibrating was really different!

I'm not sure if I even had a human body anymore in that dream at that point.... I was like a...... form. I guess.

So amazing.


OK, i hope I didn't bore you too much with my story, because when I retell it now, it seems so umm..... 'not a big deal'
But it felt like more than a big deal! It feels life-changing!
It seems revolutionary to me.

You know, directing my questions to the Source was one of my goals in LDs. And I will do that much more again
The source seemed so welcoming and I felt so at home....



Yes, "at home" is the right way to say it
I never felt so at home before as in that dream )))))

It was strange because it didn't seem a real dream. No scenario, no DCs, no background...LOL
And still it all seems to make so much sense to me....
My guess is that it was at the end of a fading dream. Or in a phase that was not REM. (that IS possible, you know... People dream outside REM too, and some even claim to have become lucid in very deep sleep, mostly yogis and that kinda deep meditating people)


-trying to calm down a bit- hehe ,-)

It was also amazing how I heard and felt me breathing in bed and still was very focussed on the flying up experience...

Yea.....it was great

OK, i'll stop my rambling...hehe

If someone can shed some light on what they think of my experience = more than welcome.

Was it an OBE? Or a LD?
Not that I care much what exactly it was, it felt amazing. And it seemed like a dream at first...

A little disclaimer: i don't use any drugs. I even did a detox waterfast recently and am on juices and fruits mainly now.
Perhaps my healthy habits led to this deep experience?
So it was sure not a hallucination or my imagination! I never see imaginative visuals and never daydream. I'm sure it was a dream or some OBE.

Anyways, i hope you didn't mind the long post. It is so hard to put words on such experience.

Greets from Belgium,