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      Smile I just had 3 lucids last night!

      First of all, im not exactly sure what i did, but either way i had 3 lucid dreams last night and i diddnt really put much effort in either.

      Heres what i did, (remember, im not sure which part triggered it)
      >Watched some TV in bed until i was tired enough to sleep.
      >Turned the TV off, rolled over into a comfy position.
      >As i was rolling, i said to myself (into my head) "I will have a lucid dream tonight".
      >I ALSO said (hey this might be it...) i will wake up around 3:00am.
      EDIT: I also have MINDMASTER: Get it free here Mindmaster Free Download (its another post on the forum.)
      Then i drifted into sleep.

      If you wondered why i wanted to get up at 3am, i wanted to try a wild.
      That night, i had a lucid dream (i cant remember what i did atall, just that i was lucid)
      Then, the next thing i remember was waking up. I talked to my family etc. then did an RC. It was a faulse awakening (i considered this the second for some reason). So i got lucid then. I diddnt actually try and control anything, just went along with it all, just knowing i was dreaming.

      Then at the end of that, i woke up. Checked the time and it was 3:15am (like i said i would wake up at around 3:00am).
      Maybe, because i was about to wake up, thats why i got lucid, like that last bit of a dream before you wake up.

      So... i tried for a wild, but fell asleep
      I fell asleep probably about 4:00am, then slept a bit, then had the 3rd LD. That lasted until i woke up at 8:00am.

      The only other unusual thing that night was that it was halloween so i had been out trick'or'treating. I ate quite a few sweets that night.
      Maybe sugar helps with lucids?

      So hopefully i will have another LD again and hopefully helped you
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