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      My First Lucid...How lucid was it?

      It was last night.
      I was sitting in a chair in some place that the dream had to create and there was this McDonalds Monopoly (I was playing this...and i am losing...or lost...) piece that said that i had 508 (yes, it was exactly 508) pieces to choose from and I could get as many of the Housing Sets as i wanted. So, I told a couple of associates i never saw before...(apparently i was in some office.)
      After we got out of a Black car and started to walk down a street I suddenly realized that this was too good to be true and yelled out "THIS IS A DREAM" in the dream...things began to get wierd after that...I suddenly had thought and awareness. I thought to float and fly...and my feet were lifted off of the ground feet above of the associates(i love dream flying ) I suddenly, out of an immature whim, thought that everyone should be naked...and the clothes vanished off of everyone...It was getting wierder and wierder when someone, a female stranger, asked me to lay down...then everything went fuzzy and i woke up...
      I just wonder how lucid the dream was...thats why it is a topic...

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      Darley, Victoria
      Better than mine, i've been trying to fly for 4 months but i'm better at other things and if you are wondering whilde your dream ended, it happens for begginers in sexual parts


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