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      A few questions.

      I've been a member of this forum for nearly a year and for some reason never asked in a thread these questions.

      1. Has anyone ever tried any type of drugs? What happened after you did?

      2. Lets say I was to have a lucid dream tonight. When I become lucid is it going to feel and look the same as waking life does. My regular dreams are blurry and un realistic. Will a lucid be like that? Or will it change once I become lucid or do I have to do dream spinning first.
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      yes im a heavy weed smoker in real life and one of my dream signs is i often pull out like 5gram blunt in my dreams and i dont smoke 5gram blunts in real life i stick to joints.
      also i feel the same weed high i do in real life untill i forget about it and it goes
      ive also done e acid shrooms crack coke in one dream i did arround 5 drugs with enough to kill me in real life in a dream and i was so high it was the best dream experience ever maybe even best one in my life ahh the trippy colours and walls were moving and talking to me i was hanging out with my best friend who was a pot plant it was messed
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